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That it's only useful to think about representations when you overtly deliberatively consult them and use them rather than just now trick of them like any other fees that cognition is a type of internal behavior. I think the values that embody our aims in our goals during inquiry can augment change the direction which are cognition unfolds. Even to the deepest to inference even to the sequences of mental states that are purportedly logically connected as a result of one mental state seemingly supporting another. That is a completely value-based kind of internal sort of behavior. That can be completely unconscious. So here's bias. Not just in action. But in inference and thought pattern. And i see no other way but to suppose that that is representational driven. So that's why. I have that view. But john i don't think you and i have ever debated system one per system too so this is interesting to note that that's absolutely true. I think that. I what i'm saying is it is somewhat autumnal that i think that if to the degree that we are worrying about cognition. I think we're worrying about something where you're overtly. It's intentional your consulting model of the world. I do think that you can have intelligent reflexes. All the way up into cognition and it's interesting to me that whether you know a reflects way of striking backhand or reflex way of thinking about something. I'm not so sure that different. But i do think that different is when you start getting into this overt intentional use of representation but it may not matter hugely to this debate but my guess is that there is a difference between cognitive reflex and inova deliberative process. This is an interesting distinction. I don't know if you want to go down the backhand essentially example to talk about this. But you know it makes me think of Going back to our automating. Right automating Premium when we were talking about Learning science and prematurely automating concepts And the difference when you're doing a backhand inflow state versus doing backhand when you are intentionally thinking about it and it screws up your backhand right..

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