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Heo still brett vichai made that call two thousand eighteen to you know it's not like it was john dorsey. Now it's bert beach. Brevard made the call to move on from houston so same front office saying defensive coaching staff but everyone else is the same. They made that decision. It just too weird to go back. But i do think this leads into another point from josh web on twitter which i think josh is a good chiefs follow. He has low expectations for joshua canedo and he was just asking was because we seen from k. Pass and bruin speaks. Naturally you have low expectations after seeing them perform. But i think we need. We need to have low expectations for joshua canedo. I don't think it's an unfair thing. I think it's important that we have low expectations actually because he was a fourth round pick just because he was a five star. Recruit out of high school doesn't mean he's going to automatically be this this great. nfl player. And i've in the past blamed the florida state. Coaching staff a little bit. They've not gotten as much production out of their players sometimes in years past and then wants to become in the nfl. They might get a little better. But i just i just think we need to have low expectations for canedo. Anything he does. This year is gravy. But if he doesn't see the all this year. I don't think we should be disappointed or surprised. Or whatever you know. It's just he's a fourth round pick. This team has some good edge players. you know better young still but have more experience than him and tim ward and mike dana and obviously out chris jones playing edge. So what do you think about that Do you do you agree that we need. We need to have low expectations form. Absolutely i mean. I think if you look at the theoretical rotation right now and you've got clark and jones on early downs. We've got to players. That can stop the run. And get after the pastor mostly from a power perspective When it comes to jones and then on obvious passing situations than jones is probably gonna slide back inside and then you might slip in a situation will pass rusher but the first guy off the bench for situational password should be taco charleston and then after that Maybe they find ways to to put canedo in very obvious. Opinion ears back straight for the quarterback. No other responsibility type type roles. But i'm not sure that that's a role that they've really employed that much in this defense. I think they expect a lot of their edge players and they have to be intelligent. They have to know the playbook they've got a lot of decisions to make when they're on the field and it's a lot to expect a rookie to come in and be able to make those types of decisions. So this really goes back to that. Melvin ingram conversation. As do you bring in another veteran to fill out that depth chart or do you bank on the development of some of these other guys are the really if taco charleston is healthy and he stays healthy. Then you've got a decent rotation with clark jones taco mike. Dana especially on passe around Excuse me on running downs. Then whatever you get from canedo or two more to these other guys this is gravy It's only if you lose one of those guys that you're really looking for somebody to step up in a in a big way or for the role to be expanded so keep expectations. Low on canedo and tim ward. You know i think maybe. We're ratcheting up expectations on mike dan because he had such a substantial rookie season. Any is he. Looks like a veteran when it comes to especially playing the run and he's got some hustle saxon there. He's got some ability to to make things happen on the field so he might be a bigger part of the rotation than we think. And i think he's certainly a big part of the rotation than canedo is at least for this year. Yeah i think dana. I know. I've talked about how he's he's a rundowns is guy that you want on early downs. Maybe rather than later downs for other guys but at the same time like you just mentioned. He is a hassle player. he's got a high motor. he's got some good hands too. He's got good hand technique. So i do think he could keep developing as a pass rusher and maybe become you know. More ver- threatened that area. Then he wasn't rookie year because obviously it was a fifth round. Pick rookie only played at michigan. One year after playing at a lower level so he he is still getting used to kind of the the upper level but speaking of veterans you. You kind of mentioned maybe bringing someone in chief smash forever our guy. He actually shouted out a outer structure as the best podcasts on the. ap podcast network when he asks this. So shout out chief smash forever. We love our fans he has. How many veterans do we bring in during camp. He put the over under it to now. The chiefs have ninety players on the roster. So there you can't bring anyone in without cutting someone else. Which is obviously they can. Do you know it's not out of the question to do that. But we're about a week out of training camp. Now that hasn't happened. You'd think they'd maybe make a move before training camp to get them to get a veteran. You know in training camp the entire time not midway through it but do you see them bringing in any veterans. I truly don't but especially. Now that mel melvin ingram off the board. But do you see them having any need to bring in a veteran during camp. They're always kiefer is open. Bread beaches made that pretty clear that there's lots of ways to acquire players and players become available that you didn't expect to become available know ron k. Talked about Xavien howard as a potential trade candidate. You know there's a there's gonna be names like that they're gonna pop up. I mentioned last week. A rumor that jerry hughes the buffalo pass rusher was maybe on the the roster bubble. There there's gonna be a lot of potential names are available. I think that they're going to to camp with this roster but when the opportunities come up you know they're not gonna say oh we've already got ninety were done you know they feel the ninety man roster there are plenty of of you know under free agents and and you know young trial players that that are being given a chance to to come to camp that are not necessarily guaranteed any sort of a roster spot or even a practice squad spot at this point. You know we've been talking about the roster bubble all season there's a raw offseason. Excuse me. I think there's probably fifteen twenty is that we could say are on that bubble. That could go either way. And so there are certainly going to be roster turnover. I think there is every year. They're going to be keeping their eyes open for available talent. I don't know that they're desperate to add a veteran at this point. I think they've made that pretty clear. They've they've got a roster that they're going to go into camp with a lot of young players to compete now if the competition isn't isn't going the way they want to or they have a couple of injuries and yeah they're going to go out and add to to fill those roles. But i wouldn't hold my breath on any recognizable veteran acquisitions in the near future. Yeah so just go off a few guys that could be you know if there is a veteran that comes available in one of these positions could be an easy cut and we don't even think about it you know. There's there's an austin edwards and tyler clark on the defensive line have we ever heard of those players probably not so it. It's one of those..

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