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This is K easy, you Marketplace is supported by Merrill. Merrill. Guided investing helps manage a client's portfolio. Maryland com slash investing goals Marilyn Pierce veteran Smith incorporated, both a registered broker, dealer and investment advisor. Millions of people have another shot at health insurance this year and update two housing discrimination rules and a look at what swimming pools can teach us about racism in the U. S. From American public media. This is marketplace. Marketplace is supported by progressive insurance committed to offering a streamline shopping experience where home and auto can be bundled together. Now that's progressive. Learn more progressive com or 1 800 progressive. And by us be technology found in billions of devices US Be Implemented. Forum reminds consumers that certified products display USB I F logo's get the whole story and enabling us be dot org's And by Parametric, a New Year brings new opportunity for advisors to offer passive investors. Taxi efficiencies that e. T F scant more accustomed to the court calm. From Washington, D. C. I'm Kimberly Adams in for Kyra Stall. It's Monday, February 15th good to have you with us. Ah, lot of people situations have changed in the pandemic, so the federal government is giving people on extra chance to adjust their health care coverage. Today is the first day of a new.

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