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That's the twenty four seven call anytime here on occasion, people will call us during the break and wanna leave a message those very often coming on the hotline. You're in a hurry. Make your comment you're mad as a hornet about something or happy as a clam wire clamps, happy anyway. I know a Hornets her mad. But I've never quite figured out. Why clams? Sort of have that smile thing. I guess is that what it is the look. To shellfish soy stay away from those. I don't like anything to do with. Yeah. Really? My mom and grandmother used to say happy as a clam all the time. That was there. Been around. But yeah. And I mean how do you know anybody bothered to ask the clam or we just making it assumption based on? I don't know. But already a listener as texted this to me. Saying. The term comes from me longer version the phrase as happy as a clam at high water. Oh, because it's not drowning at that point. Yes. Yeah. High high tide is when clams are free from the attentions of predators. Say something comes along and. Yeah, go with that. So that's we're happy is clamped on from. How do these things start? Like what does that go North Dakota? Wrote that like a blanket. Right. That or you know how long has it been around? Would you like to know? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The earliest citation. He's from a frontier memoir called the harps head a legend of Kentucky. Eighteen thirty three. So there you go. Eighteen thirty three. Well, how do we know? It wasn't said before that. I mean that's like oh bible. The bible wasn't written as happened written written years later. Yeah. True. True. So could be. Yeah. Don't confuse me anymore. This baby up was this on your prep sheet today. Yes. Bottom of clam. I know if we did a program that was entirely devoted to. Things you remember from your parents? Oh my gosh. It would be two hours of non-stop radio. I guarantee gates. Yeah. Exactly opened that would exact that bit. They say not as I do. That's one. Yeah. Yeah. I've, I've got hundreds of the kids the kids attend to. It was a me on Abe Lincolns Facebook page daughter, actually. Who's a junior in college. Next year, she said her and her friend went out for I don't know, coffee or lunch or something one day, and she said something kind of funny, and she said, oh, my gosh. My dad says that. And so the entire lunch was exchanging things that their dad's had said that were kind of funny, and, and she said she was embarrassed to share most of mine. I don't know why that was, but they were way too corny. But she did she didn't come up with a few and she'd forgotten. If you remember when she called me, I forgot this one forgot that one we are waiting for Michelle Comber to join us. Michelle is the Ecorse Commissioner of the department of commerce in North Dakota. We're talking about the workforce Development Council bottom. The meet some of the folks on the council as well later today, we'll have Facebook live coverage of that as well. We're going to be a man Dan later today energy transfer partners. Is here to announce a donation it's going to be happening a little later on over the lunch hour. So we'll have coverage of that of the news later checking out as well. Chris, Chris Korea who is one of the top executives for energy transfer partners is in man. Dan, today, it will be making that announcement a little later on. So I know some folks in mandate are excited. What could it be what's going to happen? How does this impact our downtown? So another good neighbor move by the good folks that energy transfer partners. And we'll tell you about that today on the program as well. I didn't get the chance to play all of Donald Trump's commentary. But this is classic Trump. He is evidently watching CNBC some guy from the US chamber of commerce named brilliant is trash talking him. And he calls into kind of sort of set the record straight, and then CNBC a smart interviewers top because they, you know, they went right into all kinds of other topics. You know, now a one is the question of whether or not. We're going to get a deal with China in whether China will be off setting tariffs by messing around with their currency here is what the what the president, that's cut five by the way, in case, you know, the latest on China and the president will let. The currency. They have for years. It's put them at a tremendous competitive advantage, and we don't have that advantage because we have a fed that doesn't lower interest rates. We have fed that raises interest, rates the day before abundance Hugo's. So we have to pay more money you tell me about that thinking, okay? We should we should be entitled to have a fair playing field but even without a fair playing field because I fed is very, very destructive to us even without a fair playing field. We're winning because the tariffs are putting us at a tremendous competitive advantage. Our good. They want our money where the piggy Bank with the back about the firm say, do you think they should cut in June? They come around to your thinking, or, or has the stock market volatility or, or the, the economy. What do you think they've, they've listened to you or they arrived at the decision themselves baby to cut rates one? Do you think they should know? They haven't listened to me, and we have people that can more than just Jay Powell. We have people on the fed that really weren't, you know, they're not might people, but they certainly didn't listen to me because they made a big mistake. They raised interest rates for too fast. That's number one. Number two. They did quantitative tightening. They would take it in fifty billion dollars a month. Fifty biddy in a month. And they now ease that, but it's still twenty five billion much, which is ridiculous. China's doing just the opposite pumping money in, so.

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