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Talk which see fucking thank you to love picture congrats 'cause you made it out your mama house i hope you make enough to buy your mama house i see your watch is e with on i guess some good advice never quits on because that's the way we eat hand threat game fucking with your funky lil rap name i hear your music and i know that brad's change a bunch of folks say that that's a bad all right that was new j cole let's do an touchiest picks or to 'cause they're kind of the same yeah well together so it's lee has two new songs deep end and hard rain and they're separate tongues with their kind of the same song i mean they're not the same song but like they kind of like segue yeah yeah and they both like sonically also have hip hop influences interesting obviously she's not the only artist that sort of taking inspiration from hip hop but it's interesting to see her do that and she's always been such a sort of i don't want to say eccentric but she was goes with defer sounds and all she never sent to one so i can't wait to see what else is in store i think it was just like a great start and they both just have really good like roll off the tongue kind of courses especially the one in deep end i love and love deep end loved even so much and it's also like in for anyone else i'd almost be like okay like we get the metaphor but with hurley get never got to that point like she is very like into this metaphor but it's much kind of and i also thought it was cool that i i saw hard rain is produced by rostom.

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