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The run an instance planning to restart its nuclear program as Tehran authorities say it now uses advanced centrifuges they can enrich uranium the head of the U. N. nuclear watchdog did meet intekron with Iran's nuclear director as the twenty fifteen J. C. P. O. eight nuclear deal continues to unravel this meeting does come after Iran announced over the weekend that begin to violate a third term of the nuclear agreement by injecting uranium gas into advanced centrifuges running leadership said that this step along with exceeding the uranium stockpile and enrichment levels is reversible if European signatories live up to their end of the bargain fox's tree yanks police officers near Minneapolis shot and killed a driver who was broadcasting the police pursuit on Facebook live the driver ran a red light and would not pull over the video shows the man comma fleeing police say the suspect finally got out of his vehicle holding a knife and refused their commands to drop it no one else was hurt. S. Canadian teen solves a twenty seven year cold case thirteen year old backs were Ranko found the submerged car in the wake in British Columbia and reported it to authorities but two Mounties couldn't see anything so Max dove into the lake recorded video of the car and show them that Ahmad tea's dive team recovered the vehicle and found the remains of Janet Faris missing since nineteen ninety two the sixty nine year old woman disappeared driving to a wedding in Alberta police think it was an auto accident no foul play is suspected and her son says relief comes with the discovery calling it the best of all outcomes given the sad situation Sanji impresso fox news it chapter two is number one at the box office Warner brothers says the horror sequel earned an estimated ninety one million dollars from north American ticket sales in its first weekend the first it debuted to a record one hundred twenty three million.

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