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It's time for mac break weekly just got off from the apple education event and the nocco has run over to a studio so he can join tiny angst and alex lindsay we talk about the new ipad and a lot more macrey weekly is next casts you love from people you trust this is tweet bandwidth for mac break weekly is provided by cachefly at ca c h e f l y dot com this is mac break weekly episodes six hundred three recorded tuesday march twenty seventh twenty eighteen and apple for the teacher back break weekly is brought to you by active campaign if you have a growing business and you want to acquire more customers you need active campaign their solution goes beyond marketing automation to get the right type of message to the right person at the right time for a free trial go to active campaign dot com slash twit and by ziprecruiter hiring ziprecruiter's revolutionized how you do it their technology identifies people with the right experience then invites them to apply to your job try it free today at ziprecruiter dot com slash back break and by rocket mortgage from quicken loans home plays a big role in your life that's why quicken loans created rocket mortgage with rocket mortgage you can apply simply understand the entire mortgage process early and then be confident you're getting the right mortgage for you get started at rocket mortgage dot com slash mac break it's time for mak break weekly show we cover the latest news from apple and there is lots of news from apple because they had their event today andy nocco is at the event he's on his way back to the hotel room we'll get him on and just a few minutes he can give us his first person reporting meanwhile the rest of us who watched from afar including alex lindsay he's in washington dc at the pixel corallo l o alex to have you did you couldn't really watch stream so i guess you like wants eats watched the feeds the live blogs also with us from tidbits dot com the wonderful tanya angst hello tanya.

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