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People here might think like is this really worth it to get into conflict with russia or at least that's how they would see it so it's it's an innocence escalatory tool that they could use correct me if i'm wrong but it seems as you look back at history that there was a cordial friendly relationship between mckell gorbachev and ronald reagan between bill clinton and boris yeltsin so first of all was that the case and my follow up question is could we ever get back to that point with vladimir putin so i i think that can be we don't want to take that to for boris yeltsin actually towards the end of his time there was was quite dissatisfied with with us actions and really started to to believe that we were not going to take russia's security concerns to heart i do not see any way around i don't i don't see there are no other opportunities for new reset i don't think there anymore resets coming like we had under secretary clinton and i think that's because there are deep fundamental differences between the way we see the international war again this is this is not an international or that putin wants to integrate with i think that previous times in his presidency he's thought you know maybe he can he can integrate with the world order integrate with the west and having a more beneficial relationship but i think especially with the sanctions from congress you know this the russians believe there's a large body of anti russian sentiment the united states and there there probably is and that that's not going away anytime soon so i i just don't see the possibility right now for any kind of reset that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to communicate that we shouldn't try to figure out what what actions each side seizes destabilizing we need to keep that kind of dialogue going but i don't think there's going to be kind of positive reset anytime soon geoffrey edmund is a global fellow with the woodrow wilson center he joined us on this morning's washington journal the washing journals live every morning at seven eastern on c span radio and television in on monday we'll talk about the week ahead in congress with release a mess carol up these associated press congressional correspondent and congressional reporter with the.

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