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Without further ado, your back from the meetings. But it didn't you didn't have to attend the meetings to get wind of what was going on in the world of peanut allergy. And before we get into the actual research because it continues to happen when I talk about. And just today, I'm telling my son who's in and. Break. Boy, you know, undergraduate graduate education thirty one years of age, and I mentioned we're going to talk about your new research in peanut allergies. And he's like what's the big deal about peanut allergies? So people get onto planes. There's a passenger who's at risk now. There's no other algae does not like if you have a milk allergy. They don't stop serving milk or I don't know. Gluten and they don't they don't not serve pretzels. There's something that's kind of unique. And the question is what's the reason is it hype is it real? But there seems to be some way in which peanuts had been distinguished as if there was an infectious. I would call hyper vigilant, and I don't know what that terminology is. And if it exists in allergy that makes something so much more where people are so much more sensitized or or the sensitivity range is so wide that you'd have to have kind of special attention, but I wanna get into that before he actually got into the breaking news. Well, thanks, first of all, thanks for asking me to be on the show. Again, look forward to. Your listeners callers calling in with questions and to answer your question about why are we so sensitized to the prevalence in the severity of peanut allergy and part of it is because of the news media, and the fact that there's been a lot of reports of very severe deaths. Diverse fear reactions, including deaths of people who either didn't know they had a peanut allergy. They had one who had an accident. But unfortunately for children or patients who have food allergy. If you have a a true milk allergy or a shellfish allergy or a tree nut allergy or another type of sensitivity, you could have just as severe reaction life threatening reaction if you accidentally ingests that same protein, so peanut is a severe reaction for certain patients, but milk can be we've seen, unfortunately, we've had patients sue. You've had life threatening reactions to milk, and and even a death in fact in a a student at one of the local colleges of about ten years ago when they accidentally had something that was a contaminant and did not have their epinephrine auto injector with them. So one of the things we do recommend is you do have a life threatening food sensitivity. Always carry your epinephrine auto injector. So peanuts are not distinguished biologically in terms of the nature of the antigen and the body's reaction they're just one in a list of many, well, they do frequently caused sensitivity but a little bit higher prevalence. Then trina. Particularly in children a little bit higher prevalence than milk and egg in adults. It really it. Really? Just depends on. You know, your sensitivity. I, unfortunately, I think part of the reason we've seen this upsurge of peanut allergy in our community is because about ten years ago ten plus years ago. Now, it's been the academy pediatrics and the allergy societies both made recommendations to reduce the risk for peanut allergy avoid eating peanuts for at least two to three years of age, and then you can start eating peanuts. And unfortunately, we now know that's totally the wrong recommendation that the new recommendations are to institute or expose your child to peanut protein when they're six months of age, and that will help them build a tolerance. So when the children are exposed to the different allergens early. They tend to develop a tolerance and don't develop true allergy. So we've kind of gone full circle. And now we're recommending give the children to food even when they're six months of age. So if is is it the most prevalent food allergy in in young children will not really in fact, we see more milk and egg allergy in very very young children and infants but frequently they grow out of the milk and egg allergy so the most common in the young young children in the infants is the milk and egg as they get older than we see more peanut allergy also trained allergy, and then you get into excuse me fish and shellfish as as we get older and his NFL axis that much more prevalent for peanut allergy sufferers, and it is for milk or egg. Probably you're right. I would say that we do see more episodes of NFL access to the peanut than we do for milk renege. Although again. Could happen. But. They're going to grow out of the milk and egg allergy, and that's you know, fortunate and for those not familiar with that term NFL axis is the severe life threatening allergic reaction in which the outpouring of chemicals from the body as a result of the reaction can drop the blood pressure can literally lead to death. And so the process that that's called NFL axis. And so if you're not familiar with the term, all right? And so with any of these allergies again, the epi pen. So it's interesting to me, and I don't know I was on a plane recently. And so this afternoon, I don't know why I fly a lot but has happened to me. It seems like an inordinate amount of time that a patient lost consciousness, so technical term is syncope passing out. And typically you want to know if they're a diabetic and had low blood sugar various things, but the kids they now have on planes. It's no longer just like they have, you know, a little jar of aspirin and the stethoscope from nineteen twelve they have these complete kits. But I didn't ask you. Wasn't important for this patient, if they have epipens, and do, you know, if they have that depends on pines now, you know, I think some of the planes. Do I'm not sure that it's a requirement from the FAA. But but fortunately, I've never been in a situation where I've had to ask, you know, a flight attendant because a patient needed one anybody knows I'd love to know if it's now, and we can start a delta because there are local airline. But you know, it's interesting I didn't come up at the time. But I was amazed. So there's IV fluid. So that you can hang sailing. You can hang you. Can you can have this dextrose d fifty fluid so for somebody who's blood sugars very low there is anti nausea medicine. There's all kinds of stuff in there that I had no idea they now had on planes. All right moving on. So the peanut allergy is a profound severity. There's a huge awareness of it and something very significant change in just this past week. Now, the news all came out because it was released at the national meeting as often happens in many fields. Sometimes the media gets. It before it gets to the doctors. And they start reading about it before you actually hear the presentation. But we're going to go to break when we come back. We're going to hear about what this breakthrough news was related to peanuts. Stay with us. Who rake area WSB twenty four hour traffic center. Crashing Clayton county, seventy five northbound passports Parkway to thirty-seven still has you're.

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