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I can't say I disagree with it. Is clay Hilton because of all the guys on here with the exception probably of Jim Mora and Jerry kill. We probably know the most about clay helton. Now he's in a very different job in a very different place. I don't know. Were you tempted to give him worse than us? No, because you know, sometimes the way people talk about play health and you were thinking he went like 12 and 40 at USC. You know, he did win a rose bowl. Things went south from there. And this isn't going to be USC. You know, I'm not ruling out the possibility that he has some success at Georgia southern. I don't think I realize this. Georgia southern has a very proud football tradition going back to their FCS days. I think people realize that they know the legend, you know, I hear it a lot whenever I mention shellenberger, hey, shouldn't our cross will be in there. And the right hand should be in there. They fire coaches there. They're not going to minor bowl games or 7 and it's not good enough there. The guy they just fired went ten and three a couple years ago, Chad lunsford. So I think the bar that clay Alton's gonna have to hit is like the sun belt version of what the bar he was gonna have to hit at USC and I think that's gonna be hard to do. Of all the coaches in the group of 5, give me two that you're very fascinated to see how they do. Don't say more head. One is Stan drayton. Who, if you follow college football, you know him as a very successful running backs coach for a very long time, one of the most coaching Ezekiel Elliott at Ohio State, bijan Robinson now. He was Brian Westbrook's coach at Villanova and but, you know, I think, has remained to how many running back coaches become household names. Not really, right? So he's getting a shot at temple, which you talk about, you know, hires that felt doomed from the start, rod Kerry did not impress anybody. He didn't make a very long he had some ties he, like I said, he went to college in Pennsylvania, he coached a villain over that was a long time ago. I'm just curious to see how he does. Now he has a shot running a program and a program that's, you know, in the AAC and has had recent success, so I'm curious on that one. I think the most, this is totally gone under the radar, but what happened at Hawaii with Todd Graham? Being run out of there. And then June Jones bowed out of the coaching search. So now you got Timmy after a lobby after lobbying for the job and then getting offered it, getting offered a very unrealistic set of circumstances. Who he could hire as assistant coaches? I remembering that right? Yeah, I mean that right. There was just a lot of things that were kind of unrealistic for him to take the job and under those circumstances, and then it became very public that he talked about it and they talked about it in ways that usually don't happen and then Timmy Chang was a great player there. Great player 4 June Jones. Ended up getting the job. Yeah, I mean, if you're a college football fan, like maybe 35 years or older, you remember Jimmy Chang. He was a legend there. He was putting up, I mean, now there's a lot of quarterbacks that hit those kind of numbers, but he was putting up insane passing numbers every year in that offense. And so I think it made a lot of sense for them to bring him in, you know, the fan base, the actually, even more than the fan base, the community, the former players. Everybody very fractured from the Todd Graham experiment. And so of course you're gonna unite behind Timmy Chang, he's Hawaii football. I just don't know if he's has the experience to run a program. He was wide receivers coach. So and hadn't been in coaching for that long, frankly. So will he, I think it would be a great story if Timmy Chang leads Hawaii to glory. He's there. He's their pat Fitzgerald, you know? He would be that kind of guy. I just don't know if he can do it. Well, I know that as much as you would love to go to Hawaii our editor has put you on. I guess from what I understand three of the stops you were going to, first this spring, as we can share with our listeners, you are going to see Don Brown at UMass. Jerry kill in Las Cruces and then our buddy Jim Mora in stores. I'm going to take on that. Itinerary quite quite, but yeah, so now that we've given away all the story has the article, but if I'm not saying what the athletic dot com slash the audible $1 a month right now. $1 a month for 6 months, tremendous deal. And then you'll also be able to read this story that Bruce and Antonio Morales are writing that's going to go up Monday as well. Tell us about that. All right, so we have been working on what coaches look for when they turn on the film in recruits from every position. What's the thing that jumps out at them, why? And it's been fascinating. I've talked to a ton of coaches this week for this. And so you get a kind of get into this and I appreciate Antonio for enlisting me on this with him is you just it's a good way to look under the hood of college football programs and hear a lot of insight, especially this time of year, and so I feel like after this story goes up, Elijah can't see will probably be more of a household name among college football fans. I don't know if unless you're an ACC fan, if you know much about him, I'm not saying he's Aaron Donald ish, but I think there's definitely some parallels from Peter has another short super explosive D lineman who probably was a three star guy with a lot of people missed on just because he was not a measurable guy, but maybe that has changed. So in the course of this, there's just some really, really rich material. You know, talking to position coaches. And some head coaches. I mean, one of the guys on your list, Mike mcentire is the new head coach at FIU, but what he really got on my radar was he was the old miss assistant coach who found Patrick Willis, and so he was a good ideal person to ask about what you're looking for. Any coach in the NFL and what you look for in linebackers and how the game has changed. And I think the things that a lot, like what I've heard and what I think Antonio has heard is a lot of this stuff coaches maybe coveted and looked for, not that long ago aren't things that they're looking for as much now because the game has changed. And Aaron Donald to some degree has changed the way a lot of coaches evaluate D linemen and some of the rules have changed the way people. You know, it's like so it's been a really fascinating cross section to see what people look for and to get in the weeds of the recruiting process. You had a story a couple years ago. The one year that Mel Tucker was at Colorado, right? You talk to him in depth about his evaluation process. And it was interesting to me because it kind of went against the grain of what you're talking about. He didn't want to find the undersized Aaron Donald type. He was, you know, this is the Nick Saban Kirby smart. He was adamant. You have to recruit big dudes. Thank you. Well, what was interesting for me at that point? And he and I had talked a lot for that story was I remember thinking in pretty much asking him at this point..

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