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Com slash Beck. Make sure you sign up to today. Today's a great day. The fact this whole month, we're going to be doing all kinds of unbelievable coverage for the state of the union as well never more than sixty seconds away from more programming. We have the libertarian perspective from Matt Kibi also from blaze TV, and that should be interesting. So I don't think he's going to fall in the same place that John Miller just fell. Let me tell you about Goldline Goldline. Is something I've told you about now for what fifteen years, I started buying gold before Goldline was even a customer of mine, I was a customer of theirs. Started after September eleventh. Today. In fact, this is just breaking Paris yellow vest activists are urging French citizens to empty their Bank, accounts and spark a massive run on French banks and their longstanding fight with the government. This is really dangerous a coming direction there. Yeah. I know. This is really dangerous. This could dramatically affect the euro. If there's a run on the banks in in France, you could see this could be a trip wire that starts things just spiraling out of control. If it's not this. It's going to be something, and it's going to happen relatively soon. I think so please call Goldline the world when it goes crazy..

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