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Right. Now. You know she doesn't really. Yeah that they like what is her by give? It's just for birth control has she ever been here before they don't all do it. It's a lot of them are doing be alive and will do well woman but the teen main is like kind of a niche least she at least I found I had to search around you know. I didn't even to the doctor's. Office staff that were like you now while. It was like the there was like this gaffe. WanNa get pregnant you. Yeah you. But if in that you know when you talk about a team they, they just started to sound like it wasn't something that starting until I found one yet that's interesting. So so is your opinion that you should wait until they're sexually active because some people will say you know maybe they should go in before. So they can talk about birth control if they don't feel comfortable with their parents or like a very open relationship with my kids when we talk about what we talk about everything. It's like all right but okay this. Like. So my daughter came out is by Max. And then. So do you wait until they're sexually active in his like I? Don't know what? What's the version of that? You. Re It talked about this last time writing I was on your show was she was your daughter. Do. Like was their gender issues with with one of your. I'm trying to remember that no, that's cocoa. But no but I'm talking about Max Max is almost seventeen and she came out by and so you know she's not sexually active. But she will be someday but against point is you know how do you I just don't know when when is that more they tell you what are they let you know rent like I knew there was no no at least in my experience, there is no like not getting. It was very clear when I needed to have the conversation with my son and my son conveniently in for my daughter before she should've known but but they but known a ready and then you can only go so far and offer additional resources and tools being a doctor. Airbus, or you know a religious clergy whatever your your, your your your thoughts beliefs are to give them another outside. Opinion and resources is important. My daughter didn't WanNa see a doctor you know I'm a sexual health experts. We're very openness while. When it came to the birth control and she had more questions about them, and then what happened how this happened with with Dr now, is that the pill that she is on she why she was getting out and being of the nuances to it that were out of.

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