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They wanted to stop looking after Dorothy. And they're like you know you should be focused on the girl meaning. K. Chalice. and. Their core persona. And Stop worrying about the everybody else. You know that And Gene is going looking to patrol is my family. They're the ones that have been looking out for me and even though they drive you insane. From time to time, you know they're. They're the ones that They're the ones that I need and. So. There there's this conflict growing between them, and ultimately Jane. Gets locked in the cell. When Because the her persona other. Sonya's are. Looking to prove a point. And just if you justify doing that, are you in agreement with well? In a way. I! Get where they're coming from because you know obviously. The most of the. Personalities have been so focused on like okay, you know. Even though we all have our own individual identities, we still look after K.. We're so focused on K. and they see Jane is taking their eye off the ball. And You know they've they've even mentioned if I'm not mistaken. They talk about Miranda. The the previous primary. And so. They, bring her up and as a way to kind of show like well, you know. We did have one previous primary. We could always replace you as well. If you don't get your act together. And in Jane is just beside herself. because. Jane has just been numbing herself with drugs and. Just not wanting to cope with anything since finding out what the chief did. Feeling so betrayed by him that. You know she just that it's. Hurting wanting to numb herself as affecting the others, and so it's upsetting the balance and as a result, they're just feel like deficit. You know here's our ultimatum. You know you either do this and you do this or you're out of here. And we'll see what happens. Is. They do very much down to. It's our way or the highway kind of thing. But. I do I do understand where they're coming from, but I also think maybe they should be could also see that granted chief did not behave in the best way, but they maybe see that the rest of the doom patrol may actually be beneficial to Jane Yeah as a whole, but they almost seem he them as a threat to the ultimate goal of protecting you know K, which I think is curious I envy there that she bones more with them than she bonds with the other personalities said. Could you Mr Jealousy right? Why can't we have that? Well I think I think there's something to that. I think I think they do feel threatened. By JANE'S CONNECTION TO THE DOOM PATROL That Maybe Jane as the primary would. Realize that maybe she didn't need the other personalities anymore. Like in as a result you know, become more hole..

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