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You're talking to five to ten people while online you're immediately spending million people over email and you're hoping that we'd million emails with a success rate of zero point zero zero something you'll get some good leads but actually you're annoying or spending ninety nine point nine nine nine of the people and interesting. It's not like they're two type of people like some people are spun me. some are on. The quality is the same person the same guy. That's on the physical events actually does the due-diligence in the relationship building just change his mindset when he gets online and he just gets the digital fever that talking about and i've realized that people are using heavily the automation and since they know that they can reach out the broader mass their messaging changes there are content changes everything changes and the digital fever is actually using nation to to spend a lot of people instead of using the automation just to support you. You're actually changing the message that you would otherwise sent and the the right way is actually the message that you're actually sending online. And then you're just using a tool to help you to send faster or more convenient not to change the message to be more generic and dangerous predator million and i was googling there wasn't a term like that before and that's how actually we came up with the digital outreach fever in the dictionary some that that's a good point there she. I don't know what is the process to determine the in the dictionary. But i would actually check that out okay but Dead sterry and when it comes to does not share his Barrel slow you can handle so many lincoln cobain's movie again. Is this really the type of behavior that people are doing calling. Yes definitely so let. Let's put an example here. I will speak for myself. i This morning when a check my personal email. I hit over fifteen fifty email sent to me during the weekend so that speaks alot i think and In my opinion. I think that when people start doing the outrage they think that they're kind of invisible And they are just a Not speaking in their name but they think that the automation speaks in their name. So beds shouldn't be case at the end of the day. It's the same person who stays behind the commission and in whose name all those messages are sent So down to is completely right. I agree with this. And also i read an article recently about this and it said that people when it comes to the one line behavior they usually treated as a game so they think they they're like of a game and that's why probably that way rather than when brisson. They are more considerate about the behavior about the body language. Die confidence also for will be. That's the reason why that led to to act that way or oh sometimes i think that It might be the fest results that they're looking for the pennzoil news but it's moderating..

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