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Is that she's going to have to see a she can get a handle on the radical progressives in our caucus who are basically pushing open borders pushing for abolishing ice and not protecting the American people as the government shutdown continues into its thirteenth day. Furloughed federal workers are being offered free food chef Jose. Andre says fads can get free sandwiches at six of his DC restaurants, including Hilario general manager Sebastian era. We want to do is be able to support for the community something that we have always been extremely passionate about as a company. We know that there's people that on. Right now, all you need to do to get your free sandwiches show. Your government IT police now say a man arrested for filming a teenage girl and addressing room at fair oaks mall, filmed more than sixty other women most of the videos which include several girls under eighteen were taken from December fifteenth to December twenty four th at the height of the holiday shopping season. Some of these quarries. Took place at forever. Twenty one any Asian stores located at the small major Eto care with the Fairfax county. Police says Mumtaz Ralph also filmed women at the fair leaks old navy as well as an old navy H and M at titans corner center all the stores have unisex dressing rooms police say they have no evidence as of now, but he posted any of the videos online win Delano on wwl AL dot com. No fancy ri- for Montgomery County, executive Mark L rich, he'll be driving around in an electric car. There are certain times when the counting decorative does not need a security detail assigned to that's when Mark L rich will drive a Chevy volt, but the electric car is not up to the task of any high speed chase known as a pursuit requirement says, oh, Honey Japan, the county director of public information at least not yet pursuit. Rated electric SUV is in product here that is awesome out looks war the volt costs about thirty four thousand dollars and was paid for out of. General fund Barbara Brit WMA, Ellen WMA AL dot com. A bad day on Wall Street with stock prices fallen sharply Apple's stock price decline of roughly nine percent early in the day lead the retreat in stock prices with the company expecting its earnings to fall short of projections by five billion dollars concerns over the slowing economy in China deepened. But there was other negative news driving down prices. The institute of supply management said manufacturing in the US fell much more than they projected for the month of December with a significant decline in new factory orders. Correspondent Steve castonbound? Checking your money, the Dow closed down six hundred sixty one points, the NASDAQ off to oh to up next, traffic and weather.

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