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To us on. You'll get new episodes. The second they come out that is our show for today the Davits is produced by Jocelyn Frank. Our researcher is bridget dunlap. We all engineered ourselves in our own homes. Congratulations to us for Emily Baz Lan and John dickerson. I did lots. Thanks FOR LISTENING TO PEOPLE. Talk to you next week. Hello slate plus how are you? How are you were you guys? You guys still. Yeah Okay just wondering just felt like talking to the void for a bit there anyway. So firstly plus here is my proposal. This shutdown this social distancing so odd so many strange experiences too so weird to run through life and I just wanted to. After ten days of this fourteen days of it ten days of it I am interested in you whether you guys have any particular observations about any strange experiences any points that you WANNA make I can go first. Since it's my with my bad idea. I think for me so I've been doing a lot of walking. I believe that the outdoor outdoor walks in nature very curative. And restful and good for you and that's been weirdly one of the very few joys of star period and going on walks with family and one of the things that I've just noticed that notice like noticing all these things which I haven't noticed before and I've been on trails and Rock Creek Park that I've never seen and seen parts of the city that I'd never seen and noticed things there's a trail. I walk almost every day just outside my house and the different ways that burge use it and notice the different way the the trees next to it grow and noticed more things about the stream that I'd never noticed before and it's I think that when you travel the world as you and you John Emily and I have all done. I think you tend to tend to get a very quick gloss on something rather than digging deep into a particular place and it's been one of the few benefits of this is to feel it digging deeper into the place that I know and to the place. That's my home. And that's that's nice to get a deeper knowledge of a place. That's around the corner from me. I've welcomed that. I love that I think there is a way in which when you simplify and shrink your life than the small things loom larger. And that's a good thing. I can also just be like Elvis fans. That was just a teaser to hear the rest of our slate plus conversation go to sleep dot com slash plus to become a slate plus member today..

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