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When when Betty shows up. That's when he tells like he does what he's told. He's like I. Guess I guess I want my stuff and my money back so okay. The girl, this is the girl in, so he gives Camilla the part. and. and. That's you know that's basically what we find out a part. You know we don't see any more from Adam. Until about avenue field with his story is the same. In both realities. The only thing that's different. Is the Camilla. Yes. So so apparently, he's consistent. So that's again why I'm like okay, which one's real yeah, and is is any of it. Even real is all of it still just Dan's dream well in the second reality kind of fills in some gaps of information about the first reality. Yeah, as far as Annan's concern, right in. So! So There's that we need to talk about the bomb behind winky's. We gotta talk about the behind Leakey's. Yes, the behind Wiki is terrifying if you'd asked me. As we started out with Dan because big big like. It's a it's a real real. Jump scare yeah, and So Dan. Is, in Winky's, and he's talking to her as I had a dream and you were in it and we were in this booth. We were in this diner and this happens, and then we go up and he's like it will show me what happens in the dream. So you see them walking to behind a dumpster and then this? Filthy looking bump comes out. This monster kind of looking character is pretty superhuman character, sub-human, looking character, and and it freaks out Dan so bad that he has a heart attack. And then. When everything is done at the end of this movie when we think Camilla's may be dead and Diane Shot Herself. We see it's nighttime this time. Yes, so we go back around to the dumpster. winky's and we see a very similar looking character, yeah! So in in at this point. Creature for lack of a better word. because. It doesn't really look human. Funding a blue box. That's the blue box. So essentially like you know if you're wondering where that would happen at the box, apparently, the pump gets it and so is it the bums dream?.

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