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In the stands the next race going to be different there's going to be fans TMS president Eddie Gossage talk to care oldies David Rankin and John little just about that the the NASCAR race it was postponed from the end of March is has been rescheduled for July nineteenth and we've been able to put together a plan approved by the state of Texas and we're gonna open the gates to France so that's big news I know you said that you're having to read a sign of people's original seats though is that right it is folks that have you know printed tickets in hand from the March race was postponed because of social distancing us one of the key things we've got to do they need to go our website Texas motor speedway dot com there's a brief little form to fill out and we have to reassign their seating locations though if you have a paper ticket it won't get you in we're gonna redo everything digitally and because of the need to socially distance we're gonna see you know families groups together and then have space before we see the next one and so on so we've got a refund everybody which is a laborious a monumental task because it all has to be done manually it there's no algorithm or a computer program that will do that for us but we we have a staff that is ready and able to do that we've already started responding people get in there tickets on their phones what about NASCAR fans that don't necessarily have smart phones how can they possibly get in we'll figure that out okay you know that I don't think there's many folks nowadays that don't necessarily will will accommodate them and and we're selling the tickets as well you got you can I have up to fifty percent of the standstill how many fans you expecting up then well we've got about a hundred and thirty five thousand seat so you know what it's by far the biggest sports venue and and the state one of the top three in the country so you know we're huge we're not so worried about an even number you know we're not going to exceed the fifty percent mark because the networks they Texas tells us and we don't have a problem with that at all we we just want to make sure we can take everybody that wants to come in and do it in a proper manner do you anticipate any changes to the infield or two tailgating outside the venue well in the infield the only people be allowed again will be the teams the the crew members and the drivers so unfortunately no infield camping and and we're working with those folks to relocate them because we have you know lots of campers in there that's Texas motor speedway president Eddie Gossage will we got some rain in the forecast and it could be coming in the night and into the morning we'll tell you all about it traffic and weather together on the aids next as Texas continues to reopen keep it here for the information you need more than ever it matters where you get your news news radio ten eighty KRLD red bell flower here how does apartments.

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