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Fans sirius x._m. To a one sport so nights sixty four uh if you're listening to siriusxm online at our website vic dot com and here it is the tuesday after labor day a weekend where exactly where exactly do you start. I got quite a bit in yesterday today. I thought we were able to tie together. What about nine stake wins between three trainers yesterday today and then we had one afternoon early evening early actually considering del mar mark going fairly late into the night but on the east coast there was a lot going on yesterday to digest and and that included you know some last minute scratches including green light go coming out of the the hopeful that jimmy jerkins taking every precaution i understand i understand why good away they would do that and what's amazing about green light. Go you know exiting at the fairly late developing kind of decision because the rain never relented. I mean ed ed there. Were moments where it looked like the skies were lightning a little bit <hes> but then more rain came and i.

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