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Shit in the toilet. I know right like what does the word is. Get soaked up do so. She should absorbed like a sponge have desert. Asthma vulgar no Last two like you guys had a lot long a lot of stuff to say. Braided three three three. I definitely agree with genoa. Michael influence debate. Trump was president of the. Usaa doesn't get any bigger a platform that is a logical to think Be even closer that as an influence now that he's lost trump could start his own network labonte rallies or a pocket. Ll but his followers going to keep rodham with him now that he has no power to get anything done. Trump will be more busy with his core issues than leading a revolution. They would disperse just move to another republican Yeah i see a move to another republican I don't know about the court stuff about a revolution has never with a rebuttal revolution for him and it was about getting off his He was trying to do that by any means. Necessary yeah so. That's what i have to say about that last one by stolen. Hey i really appreciate appreciate you guys doing this. So i want to express as a listener that you guys should consider release episodes like this much more quickly after recording episodes on quickly developing subject matter whole more weight when it released soon after recording in order to prevent this information or miss important developments understand. You guys are busy and usually stay. On sunday recording wednesday release schedule though as listener the s episode feels like it has less relevance to the greater discussion list other media that is reportedly information gathered that day. Yeah he say shit. You know what i'm saying. I typed out a whole paragraph and deleted. Because i'm just. I'm done arguing with the these entitled. Ask people this is just. This is ongoing. It's ongoing argument. Every time i come on. I understand where he's coming from but i don't convey releasing it early would change any of the information that we had in their right. That's a given that. It's a fluid constantly evolving situation. Like there's a lot of things that we and a lot of other media that you listen to the as well bro right. So just because. They haven't that sunday monday tuesday by wednesday. They're updating their stuff too. So but i mean to get it out to a relevancy understand but most people that list does not schedule which you seem to know and you.

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