Tennessee, Jennifer, Jeff Brohm discussed on Championship Drive


That the next guy the tennessee whoever that poor solas it'll be jennifer on it'll be jeff brohm you're you're not going to strike out that many times i mean chris load reported that they were talking enough that they were interviewing and i think that utah is going to get brom brom gore said the one year at purdue uh i think that that is a okay higher for tennessee fan base there they will be you know not now necessarily evidently we gotta check with fan bases on who and athletic director and in a programme wants to hire but uh build brom will ob will probably make about uh an extra million to a million a half a year more than had he been offer this job to to half weeks ago because of the honestly gross malfeasance of of of this the search their in tennessee so so what would you be talking with brom compared to his current salary at purdue or we doubling it shadowing it what are what are we you know because the reason i am asking is because i don't think anyone would faults a coach at a lower level of for making a move after only one season jeff brohm has been at a big ten school for one season and there are a whole lot of guys would have a problem with that just kind of ethically you know just where i'm in a bail on all these kids and everything after only one year it's going to be i would be shocked if it wasn't four point he may ease making three i believe right now and i would be shocked if it wasn't something like 45 merely for the fact of tennessee has to get this out of the spotlight if they think promised the guy in your willing to give gundy seven million dollars a year you give brano amid a next or million and a half i don't know that the case i'm just you know using deductive reasoning to think that this amid a million and a half more to go to tennessee which probably has more pell of or pedigree in football.

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