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People at champions of the people dot com a lot can happen earth go rockets take us to light from the aba to the nba when without missing beat the hallowed halls of the big men we built a new home for the next era and ten years of play off to a new class of mild high basketball without golden anniversary joined the foreign because of moments and memories have only just begun the denver nuggets fiftieth anniversary season his proudly presented by key bank and western union stuck it's out to an eleven point lead here the opening two minutes of the second quarter doc rivers fresh out of a timeout mantras harrell has it left side over to austin rivers he puts it on the floor alley down to herald kickout decker touch past a dosage in at three that once good three three percent 3point shooter not going down he's walk with three he that his percentage yeah there you go he's got his average seasonhigh trey lyles has it any has it deflected not abounds by teodoro switch that'll be denver basketball the side which wealth seconds on the shock law is amazing what happened in nba forgotten that down and shot is amazing how he becomes the defender all of a sudden yeah that crazy here at plumbly has it over to wilt barton barton's five for fiber start the game tonight partly against herald guarded there at the top of the key puts it on the floor step back 3pointer he check that one is no good rebound down to chandler what a backup put it on the rebound and then decorative dosage start exchanging words yeah wilson fan mouth and a house on that when he's is too small to keep them off the bat williams has it to herald the pace line lefthand side guarded thereby mason plumlee handsoff behind him to take a dosage he's got the hot hand runners up in release it to in a.

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