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By billy cunningham let's continue jason rally scheduled to be here at two o'clock today from the wall street journal until then headline in the inquire says mike allen on joji it or not falling lesser ray tensing charges quote nobody to blame but himself unquote so the previous hamilton county prosecutor is blaming the current county prosecutor who hired him derby county prosecutor that blame has to be fixed to somebody so it's not ray tensing or circumstances your sam devos the blame here lies with joe dealers amand with perspective on this is a family member a good friend of buzzed eaters and a good friend of joe od'd irs and a good a good family member is eric peters eric peters welcome again to the bill cunningham show eric how're you great to be with you willie i head on an ira go your good friend michel k alan blaming joe de beers for the failure of a successful prosecution of ray tensing that reminds me of the efforts of black lives matter marching in front of the prosecutor's office blaming joji tres for taking their position that it's murder so gimme gimme your perspective on michael callan also bringing your daughter into this mix alleging that your daughter was hired by joe dealers and therefore european don't matter and that the research you've done on state versus wine which says the reckless homicide is a lesser included offense of murder per se is somehow not valid give me your feelings of michael k alan going after your older brother joan eaters well or boat you know mike is just completely misguided on their odd wide why did any body have to get quote unquote blame in other words if i quote yesterday with you at i stated to hung jerry spoke dave spoken go didn't do anything in in mike mike been going around alan everybody elanie inquire any fan well joe screwed up because there's not lesser face charges well i wanna tell you from my corner prosecutor bet attorney paulo if you're if you're out there and you're thinking about iron somebody to do criminal the fed work at hamilton county your mind now want to go to.

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