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You thinking that you are going to be The second highest paid quarterback in this league without stepping on the field. Now he could come on lead the Cowboys to an NFC East Division title on F C championship game. It could be a different deal a year from now. But you're putting a lot on the line after you've already put a lot on the line as yes, exactly. And as you alluded to earlier, Arnie needed a second surgery, Listen, we all want what's back. What's best for deck? But right now, I think there's a legitimate reason to question Is he going to come back? How healthy is he gonna be? Take the money and run, baby. Take the money and run. You play well enough to deserve that money. What makes you think you shouldn't get a little bit less coming off two surgeries and a terrible injury? Um, who wants to give you a long term contract after that? Certainly not I and by the way, what makes you think that's gonna accept anything? If I was back, I go back and accept $35 million a year. And get it done because of what happened. I don't. I don't know if he's going to go back on that right now. But he's gotten some bad advice. As far as I'm concerned, you think 30,000,035 million is still on the table from Jerry Jones. I think so. Why am I by crazy on? That is not on the table anymore. What? He just had surgery a second surgery. He snapped his ankle a half. Well, you're if you're the Cowboys, you can't go backwards. If you start going back, not you're not negotiating in good faith already. What if we wait? What do you mean, You're not negotiating in good faith. That's the terms of the deal changed. The deal was on the table. Barring that he's playing and he's healthy. He's not healthy anymore. Aaron. If you go backwards like that, that I'm not even going to come to me. I'm just have you. Have you ever watched sports? But like, how long have you been doing this for DeMarcus Cousins was one of the highest paid players in the league. Then he tor is a C L E tour is Achilles. Now he's making a million dollars a year. What do you talking about That Z cousins? You know what I mean, is cousins. He was an all star. He accomplished more in his career. The deck Prescott has to this point. Trevor Awards is having surgery. You still don't think he's gonna be the number one pick and that's good. Gonna be up to six friends. He's not negotiating a contract he set in stone. He's set in stone, even with her without the surgery. So what do you What exactly? You think the Cowboys also tell you that exactly should the Cowboys off. I'm kind of curious. I don't think you offer him what you were offering him when he was fully healthy, and 100% so far was offering. He said No to 35 year, and now you're going to come back with what? 30 year. So let me ask you a question if you offered me 30 year. You know how fast I'm going. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna pull Russell Wilson. I'm going to do an interview with the media. I'm going to make you look so bad One is going to have sympathy for Dak Prescott. If it gets out that he turned down 35 year, and then he bet on himself and he got hurt. No one is gonna feel bad, Arnie. I don't know. What do you What is the term that Arnie Spanier always says or doing the show today? Right? And you say that Because circumstances change. I can come on the show today and I could have come on the show on Saturday and said the Lakers are the unquestioned NBA champion. Well, guess what. We were doing the show on Saturday. Things have changed. Anthony Davis, who knows what his future is this season. I can't come out and say the same thing. And it's the same thing with that, Prescott. You can't sit here and say, Well, he was gonna be paid this much money this time last year. Yeah, well, the circumstances changed. I'm doing the show tonight. And guess what if he comes out and throws for 45 touchdowns and three interceptions next year on one good ankle, then the circumstances are going to change again. And I might be willing to give $40 million. But you can't do the whole well, he was offered this two years well. I mean, will you? I mean every, but you never gave me an answer. You have 35 is too much. And you're gonna what? Given what 25 Million. What do you What do you think is going to happen? Erin, if you offered him 25 million Seriously, what? What do you think? I'll tell you what I would do. But what do you think he would do? After he just coming off a bad injury and you're going to try to give him 5 to $10 million a year because it's so 5 to $10 million less is what 20% less Are We not arguing that he's 20% less of a player coming into next year? Then he probably was last year, you wouldn't see me a camp of my life depended on it. That's fine. Hit the free agent market and wore the Cowboys will be fine. I'm not coming, either. You're gonna trade me. I'm not going to be great. Have 18 that's ready to compete. Right now for a Super Bowl. At every position, we will find a quarterback. You think you're worth 40 million Go find 40 Million. Hey, listen. Sometimes it works out The Washington Then Redskins did not believe Kirk cousins was worth what he was asking for the Minnesota Vikings role in a play Pam. How'd that work out for the Vikings went to the NFC championship game the year before he got there haven't been anywhere close since. So my point is, Have you seen the difference between the Cowboys with Jack? And without that, I'm just curious. That's because they had a bet they weren't planning on making Andy Dalton there full time starter last year. So go get Carson Wentz. Go get Sam Darnell's Go get go. Trade for the shop. What makes more money than Doc would've made Carson Wentz is a big car. Why would you want to pay Carson Wentz? If I'm the Cowboys that you don't want to give it the dac I would have come in and started new with a rookie quarterback of they're not gonna give it quarterback, But I'm just saying, I think it's ridiculous to assume that you're going to pay him the same amount of money that you were gonna pay him pre injury. Well, I just woke the whole point of him. Turning down the contract was he was betting on obsess. Well, guess what. He pushed all his chips in the middle, and it didn't work out. You're saying it's no different than if he would have had a year like 25 touchdowns, 25 interceptions and didn't get hurt Force. Of course. So s so again. Take it to the next thing that if you do up from that money, you know he's gonna be gone. You understand that, don't you? He's not going to He's not gonna want to come back. You could have to give those one year deals or you're going to have to trade him. We got a little more you a different question. Deck hits the open market right now, with all these teams that need a quarterback, but he's asking for the same $35 million a year. Do you go with Carson? Wentz was often injury. Do you go with Sam? Donald? Do you go with Mitch Stravinsky? Do you try to trade for the Shawn Watson, who is paying back? 35 year off of bang uncles? All the quarterbacks she gave me I'd go with Sam Donald Yeah, but women How much of Sam Darling do you think is how about what you think he's gonna cost? You start working contract? I know that..

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