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Laura Quinn is that he is the big port of Remittance. The image of their made by Gillian and is a cure actually, for Kobe 19. Well, Mary, and I appreciate that. I don't know all the details of that's true or not. I don't want to leap to this conclusion that their nefarious reasons that Dr Fauci is sometimes seen his anti trump or anti drops or whatever, and we know, Dr Savage says there's problems with hydroxy. But but Yeah, There is something interesting about how how much they're pushing a vaccine that isn't even finished. That hasn't been barely tested. I can't talk about that in just a second. My name's Greg Knapp. I'm in for the doctor on the savage nation. Joined the savage nation call now five by 407 8 407 to 8 to young lady from the rescue delivered happy and I hand he was missing hair thinkI, Gabby and I thought, Why don't I get us into Because of his issue with poor nutrition. It was the other owners didn't care enough about him to give him the nutrition. He needed that I have of that that I trust and she recommended Dino fight. D I n o v i p dot com I ordered the 1st 90 day supply and within a couple weeks in started clearing up, he didn't smell he had more energy had a glow on about how we've been using dynamite for the last year and happy directing dog is happy, healthy Dog. I tell all my friends to have refused to give their daughter a chance at a new start with dynamite will be lieve how happy you don't will be. It's gonna pay off for you in your dog for years, you know? South Florida beaches and parks of closing. So our Corona.

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