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Dot Com now here's the man who's been recognized as radio's best, the recipient of not one, but two prestigious Marconi awards for his broadcast excellence, the one and only. Bill Cunningham. Billy Cunningham the great American you know, the media is an overdrive to try to convince you that the so-called red states controlled by Republicans like Florida. Arizona Texas and Ohio are doing a terrible job with covid nineteen, and they don't mention a chorus governor. Brian Kemp in in Georgia. Who's done a fabulous job in managing were needs to be managed, which is the nursing homes and coming up a mentor, so here will be Jack Windsor, who's with WM FDA television journalistic reporter? Who's done some fabulous work here in Ohio, but also is looked out the dashboards of California Arizona Florida. Texas Tennessee and And elsewhere to say exactly what is happening in those states just as a little precursor New, York has one hundred and sixty one deaths as of six PM tonight, hundred and sixty one deaths per one, hundred thousand New Jersey one hundred and seventy deaths per one hundred thousand on the other hand Florida, which is in the crosshairs, has fifteen per one hundred thousand Texas has eight per one hundred thousand Tennessee has eight per one hundred, thousand Arizona has twenty one not even close to the non-performance of governors, Murphy and Governor Cuomo, but that doesn't fit the media, and so is this a circumstance where? It is extremely contagious, but not very fatal. If you're under the age of forty or forty five, in fact, the average age appears to be seventy eight. My Home State of Ohio seventy one percent of the deaths in Ohio have been a nursing homes, Ohio has twenty four twenty four deaths per one hundred thousand. That means in the general population is about eight deaths per one hundred thousand. The State of Ohio and the report has been following this entire thing for a long time as is Jack Windsor. Television Journalists Journalists WMF and Mansfield Ohio, but he's looked at all the states and once again. Jack Welcome to the Bill Cunningham. Show and Jack.

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