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Workers all front lines. Say it's important for their colleagues in essential services to get the covid nineteen vaccine. Eric take off. Explains shin-ei works with the everett school district and was able to get vaccinated through her union public school employees of washington. Sei you nineteen forty eight. She says the process was quick and easy and she decided to volunteer the day. She was vaccinated helping about six hundred fifty people in the school district. Get the johnson johnson. Shot call encourages folks to get inoculated. Maybe it's not just for you personally. It's for our community at large. It's to allow our kids to go back into school. It's to allow people to have their jobs again. It's so much bigger than just one person at a time. The state is scheduled to enter the next phase of vaccine eligibility on wednesday lowering the age to people sixty and older high risk workers such as first responders and folks who work in congress care facilities and grocery stores already are eligible. Howard says she spoke to colleagues who are skeptical about the vaccine and encourages them to do research into it. Safety nearly thirty percent of washingtonians have received at least one shot of the vaccine. According to the new york times the first witnesses have testified in the trial of derek chauvin. The former minneapolis police officer charged with killing. George floyd and bbc news reports. Say nine one. One dispatcher testified officers pinned down floyd for so long. She thought her video feed had frozen. Jade's is with twincities coalition for justice for jabbar. There's not going to be any placating us with half-measures or with meaningless promises of name changes and other useless reforms. She says will keep holding demonstrations and pursuing other avenues in hopes of getting a minneapolis police department overseen by a citizen council that a new york or new report says standardizing property tax assessment for renewable energy projects would create tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue. The report was released by the alliance for clean energy new york and the new york solar energy industry association organized it says tax standardization proposed in the state budget would increase local tax revenue by speeding up the process of getting renewable energy projects to construction nazi-era executive director. She sheeham mehta says that would bring an increase of up to three hundred forty eight billion dollars from payments in lieu of taxes to local governments across the state over the lifetimes of the projects ambition to that significant economic benefits from increases in revenue from job commission. I'm andrea sears. Reporting this is pms. 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All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen they can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But can keep your family safer. Check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council do your smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for bear hug. Come for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed new generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Usda h s and the ad council. You're is a look at weather from the heartland speed weather center wednesday intervals of clouds sunshine and moderate wind high near forty nine wednesday night mostly clear and windy with a low of twenty six thursday sunny with a high near forty two envy with gusts as high as twenty five miles per hour. That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather on our website at heartland news feed dot com or by airtime media..

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