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Him to any cases and p r news berlin chinese state media room publicly fretting about president elect donald trump's choice of advisors and there's anthony kim reports from aging that china's government says it's closely watching trump's transition team the english language china daily says in in editorial that it's now laughing matter that trumpets staffing is team with people like peter navarro navarro is the university of california irvine business professor who portrays china is a mortal managed to the us trump recently named navarro they had a new white house craig counsell the global times tabloid meanwhile warne's that baiting must discarded solutions about trump and prepare for any hostile moves he may make against china foreign minister whiny said this week sit cooperation between us in china isn't a story called crammed which in no individual can stop anthony kim in p r news began north korea says mocking outgoing united nations had bomb team own crew maybe a running for president of south korea and here's elise you reports from saw all the outgoing un secretary jerrell hasn't formally declared for president in south korea but he is widely expected to rotten i north korean state run news sight friday called him and opportunistic come million and a human mask who is quote dreaming a hollow terrain a presidential race could be as early as april of next year and peers alisa que reporting well financial markets asian markets were lower by the closing they all the knee kate closing down a fraction hang saying down more than a quarter of a percent he was futures contracts are trading just slightly negative at last check you're listening to an p are news from washington michigan governor rick snyder is opening of door to wolfe hunting signing a hard fought an controversial new lot michigan public radio shane a roth reports this new lot is similar to ones that voters have struck down at the polls the michigan my hands wolves to the list of hunter boy again pending they're being taken off the federal endangered species last lawmakers included a small unrelated appropriations and under state law any measure that include than appropriations can't be struck down by voters joe frets is the director of kate michigan malls protected she says the government is not listening to voters.

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