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Right how larger house malls dot organization? We're a couple million in sales, and we have about half a dozen people. And how many brothers and sisters? Do you have one brother one sister? Where are you in the pecking order on the oldest duty you being the oldest of three? Well, gave me some privileges gave me some sense of responsibility. What do you mean, you had a sensory somebody tell you that you had to be responsible? Or what would that look like though, there were a lot of role models everybody in the family sort of acted that way extended family. And so all right. Cool. David, what do you think it Mike you mentioned that your when you when you moved? I think Tarazona you were involved in sports. But what kind of jobs did you have? Oh, I started out delivering papers like a lot of people newspapers. And how old were you twelve or thirteen point what other kinds of jobs did you have well from there? I graduated to guess mowing lawns primarily and then went to work at a grocery store bagging groceries and throw a truck when I was in college. So the easy thing would have just been hanging out at the pool and hanging out at the pool. What what was it that drove you to keep working and getting these jobs? Well, I I just wanted money to do some things by things that I that I wanted when I was a kid after a while it became pay my way through college. Ultimately law school. So is there anything about that kind of early entrepreneurial spirit been hard work entrepreneurism that what I just heard that. You started your own company. What is there any tie? Well, I think there is. I was a kid except for the sort of umbrella that my parents provided over everything I I was pretty much able to make my own decisions. Get those jobs work at it. Move up as wanted to move up starting a business. It's your operation. And you win lose your draw based on what you do and decide to do can build a good team to help you do it goes back to the fact that you were you took responsibility for yourself yet confidence yourself who's got the next question. Grena twelve years old. Normally told girls don't testify they wanna make some money. Start a business you mentioned role models or some other folks early on that really inspired you to say I can do this by myself. Well, I don't know there's any particular entrepreneur who has a role model. I had an uncle who is a priest. I went to Catholic school a couple of nuns pretty influential, and they gave me a lot of confidence. In a lot of encouragement about thinking about what I wanted to do and thinking about sort of how to get there and influential in discipline or in structure. Well, both but sort of self discipline. They do some of the old. Stereotypical non stories were not true in our case. But it was a very good environment as a company that does mystery shopping, and sort of quality control, you find some parallel with being the oldest and having structuring your upbringing, and and being able to kind of manage what's going on around you keeping an eye on it. But we do have to keep a close eye. We wanted to we have a lot of people we have to manage because we have shoppers testers, in some cases who are all over the country, and there are hundreds of them working every month on these shops. And we keep it all together. Fortunately, I have a great team of people who help with that. But there's a lot of work to be done. David. Tell us what your parents did. My mother went to teacher's college became a teacher for a couple of years, then became a homemaker. And spent the rest of her life doing that. I guess my dad owned a grain elevator. He was an entrepreneur back in his early career. Got sick, and then moved and had to change careers, and that sort of thing now as a as a schoolteacher. As your mother raising you and now your business today where you're doing testing, tell us what you might have learned from your mother. Well, she was very interested in making sure that my sister, and my brother, and I did well in school. So we we had a lot of coaching going through school particularly in grade school. One of the things she taught me he was she is coalition courage to take typing back in the old days. And I didn't wanna do it. Because I thought it was worth west. But it was one of the best things I've ever taken because I spend lots and lots of time on a keyboard now. So it worked out very well. Yeah. It's an older. We get the smarter. Our parents become that's right. And you know, so so when you started this business where you married or single married, and you spoke to your wife about starting this business. I did did you realize that it was a financial risk, and you could lose your money. Eighty five percent of businesses go out of business in the first couple of years. She did. But what happened? Well, she's she's always had a lot of confidence in me. Hopefully, it's worked out well from her perspective. But. She was right there supporting all the way, so you so you bring to the party tell us about what you're bringing. What'd you get for mom? You bring to the party everything you dad what you think from that door every day. Well, she had a good attitude about work. She after we got older, she went back to work. Secretarial kind of job. But she she liked to do that. Like, the work the yourself busy. Yes. How about that? What did you get from that you bring the work every day? Well, as I mentioned dad got sick. He had to change jobs. It was sort of like he had a sense of responsibility. It was like, you know, I have to make sacrifices because of circumstances here that going to do what I wanted to do in the beginning. But we'll work it out. What kind of sacrifices the dead make what are you talking about? Well, he had to change. I there are financial sacrifices when he got sick. And then he had to recover from that he had to learn a new business when he was. You learned about resilience from your dead. Yeah. That's right. Was very resilient guy out. New markets is trying to figure out where the new markets are on your business. Opportunities. New opportunities all the time..

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