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The flu season. We've got more context than ever. And that's why We have to mask up. We have to not pull together like we want to in terms of gathering. Let's pull together figuratively so that we can pull together literally after we get arms around this this virus. Yeah, so the governor continues to make these noises as though she wants us to be a unified front. In our state and all across the fruited plain, But the fact of the matter is she will not commit to a direct answer as to whether or not what we're seeing in terms of infection rates and increases. Is once again overwhelming the system. Will folks remember this? The system was never overwhelmed. The system was never overwhelmed. Oh, there was a lot of talk about increased numbers of cases of the need for more bed spaces and plans to place people and outstate hospitalization if the need arose, and we had specialized hospitalized centres set up In the former Cobo Arena in the city of Detroit. 1000 beds I think maybe 12 16 of those got used. That was about it. Never did We ever have an over capacity. Not then. Not now. 809 239385 809 to 3 w, d T k the John MacCulloch show. Donny can rob April glad you could all join the party. It's the John MacCulloch show Darryl would sitting in and right after the break. Tiffany Little. The shells official observer is going to bring us all right back here to continue this conversation. Let's go, folks. We're back after the break on time, traffic and weather on the Patriot. Good evening. Once again as we look out on your road still got an accident, blocking the two left lanes. This is 94 westbound at the lodge. And right now we're still seeing some heavy traffic back from Van Dyke at this time, so watch out that looks like it's adding close to 25 to 30 minutes as a back up right now. S so pretty much at times. Traffic's not moving as they're slowly getting that cleared. It was blocking the left and right lanes. Now, just the two left lanes. Just be very, very careful. Heading out there still got a disabled vehicle on the left shoulder of 19 forties found after division. Also slow traffic 75 nor found at 6 96, as well as construction work and just along the south field south on Michigan Avenue. Delays from Ford Road, be.

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