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But I mean, what's what's the role in in situations like that of is this might Okon drill hormonal, isn't neutral. Efficiency is at all three or those different use cases. I think it's all three, actually, I think you're talking about a little bit of a different thing. So vegans, I think they have the issue of college session, fatty acids, and protein are nice. See that a lot. We ask our customers so you know what their diet is like. So I think in a lot of vegans or unfortunately, a lot of people go vegetarian vegan at times, just don't have the proper education kind of wind up eating wrong things which are actually pro inflammatory as well. So for instance, if you're going Degan on, you're not gluten free suddenly eating a ton of pasta that's not helpful to the body that creates more information and compromises the gut actually more as a result of that. You know, there's a lot of research now that says that God is highly tied to hair is actually fascinating stuff. They're saying that they fed some mice for biotic resulted in decreased. Inflammatory markers and in improved luscious for. So in the same way, feeding proper diet to or even exchanging microbiome, like fecal matter transplant resulted in full hair grow some individuals who were had auto sure universality, which is a complete loss of pair. They had complete regrows. I think it could be also your gut bacteria. They're not getting the proper nutrition proper balance you're getting despite assist and or especially if you're complementing with foods that are not good, for instance, the process sugars, even if you're vegan, you're going to compromise the gut barrier. And as a result increase permeability of the garden crease inflammation that results in hair loss as well. So I think that's one thing and then the ketosis people who are not. I mean, I'm a fan of the Cato genyk diet, but it's. And I. I'm a big fan. I can't fully do it myself because my body type is not is not adjusted to that after cycle in and out, especially women. Very few women can go full Kita all the time with without substantial problems with hormones kids xactly. So I think that's where you're hitting on the nail on the head here is that you have to be mindful you have to, you know, again, being strict about something is great, but nothing works the same for everybody. So listening to your body, knowing what you're feeling a hair loss could be a great way of, unfortunately, I don't want it to be a way of looking at it, but it is. It is a symptom as a symptom of imbalanced, stress response to symptom of a balanced, immune response symptom of something happening in the body that's not supposed to be kind of. Interesting. Just going back to the gut bacteria where you, you talked about that ago's of the show. Several times navene Jane runs a company called viola. V. i. o. m. e. and with their test, I've been able to get like full data on everything is growing in my gut, and they also track the amount of human DNA or gut lining, shedding this happening as a result of the back of the bacteria and the other stuff going in your God, and I don't have data on this, but I would be surprised if there wasn't a correlation between the amount of gut lining shedding and hair quality. So it's a marker of inflammation. So I'm, I've been tweaking stuff. In fact, I'm about to read a big, a blog post on that about what I've been able to do to control that that shedding of the gut lining in order to reduce inflammation in the body by making a few a few tweaks and is actually resulted in. McGinn even leaner without any work at all. So I think that could be an inflammation sign or it could actually be more directly tied, but do you know what species evacuee are going to give me luscious for? Because I'm down for that. That's a trade secret for now. I don't think the scientists out yet, but we'll probably find it right? Yes, science, there's a couple of strains of bacteria. I, I'd have to look at my data to the honest with you. I can't remember all the top of my head, but what would I do know is that there is a direct correlation to hair grows and hair health in general. So there's multiple studies that show that..

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