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For kids. Gun Violence takes the lives of two Children once again in Chicago this weekend. We'll have that story and more after look, a w g m traffic and weather number of things going on on the express ways on the on the tristate stop and go South bound between 80 and 94 I 80 94 specifically and on 80 94 slow eastbound between the tristate and after Indianapolis Boulevard this because of an accident blocking the right lane. Westbound 80 94 slow between Broadway and Indianapolis because of a gay pers flock to that eastbound crash on the Kennedy we have slow traffic inbound between the Hubbard Street tunnel in the bird interchange. 23 minutes. From O'Hare to downtown Outbound slow between Austin and Harlem on the Kennedy the Dan Ryan, stop and go inbound between Canal Port and the Burn Interchange. 18 minutes 95th downtown. The express Lanes inbound slow between Garfield in 43rd Street because of an earlier accident and on the Eisenhower Outbound stop and go between Austin and Richland Avenue. It is 17 minutes from the old post office out to a wolf road. Finally on the Bishop Ford just slow traffic outbound between 130th and Steel Bridge. We have a 14 minute ride from Dan Ryan to 80 94. Inbound on the Bishop Ford slow between 103rd in the Dan Ryan, 15 minutes from 80 94 to the Dan Ryan Expressway. The forecast from the WG and Chicago Weather Center meteorologist My camera Nick. Partly cloudy skies Today it will be on the buggy side once again, and an isolated.

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