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It's so unprecedented. We just have never had this exact scenario before history in the making on Capitol Hill, Drew Mojo on WBZ Boston's news radio 9 33 still trying to dig our way out from some of these traffic problems this morning. Let's get right to it with Lori Grandee and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Yeah. You know, the work has to be done. But it does cause delays. And you should be aware of where they are right now. Route to East down. The ramp is closed off to Park Avenue completely closed as a work crew is working in Arlington. So keep that in mind. Also, there, set up on route to East on in Lexington between Dow have and Park Avenue is that work continues. We've had an icing situation and Bill Ryker. That was yesterday, Route three North and by Concord Road. So they're fixing it today, but they have to take up the left and center lanes until about two o'clock this afternoon. It is on the north bound side at it is causing delays through Bill Rick right now on Route three, North bound Now we have that work. That's that continuing on the cape in your meth route six westbound, But you know what? We also had a brush fire there. That's sort of getting under control, and everything did cause some problems with visibility and some curiosity as well. But they're getting it like I said under control, so that's some good news for us. They're downtown Boston. Really. The top of stuff is that Lever connector downdraft. Everything's OK. The Tobin Airport tunnels are looking good for us right now. 24 North bound. Watch out for work crews and student it is stopping Go right now from 1 39 to 93 Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three sunshine for now, here in Boston and 27 degrees, although winter weather advisories are starting to be posted in Worcester County and other portions of southern New England..

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