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Light once the support of local businesses during this time visit but like I come to click on the open for takeout tab to find local restaurants near you that are open for business what's your confidence level and how Roseman heading into tomorrow and he has zero to three is that a ten one to ten zero three forty six or seven to ten so you're going from seven to ten that's pretty much average to excellent and fifty percent say forty six where every five well I mean if you're if you're looking at if you're looking at like a seventy percentile in school a seventy percent is average right right well I'm gonna still wanted T. and averages five to me above average seven is not it's that that seven is just below feeling pretty good about it because when you say eight nine is you feel pretty give you really good you're really good and and seven is you're like all right I'm all right with them you know to me and and that's not what we're seeing right here we're seeing most of the people saying forty six this is really surprising what most people say there for to say forty to fifty percent people just not a normal human being fifty percent I'm even surprised by it and that's what I voted I don't think how we is it like the other by look at Macklin tack and I I'd like I'd like to get back on track I don't have any faith that you can run an objectively excellent all right like an estimate on it I don't think he's a good GM I don't think it's the worst but I think it's a good GM and I look at how we rose men and I say you know what I mean I think you're a good GM but the amount of confidence I have and how we now leading to rebuild this team and this track to such a big part of it I'm scared man it had it has me scared especially that one article comes out it's it shows you how a guy like or think a white so I constructed what you trust the wrong guy I I I just this is also part of the reason why like the waiter at the draft tomorrow night this is gonna take a lot of guess work out you just gotta be straight meat potatoes here can be fancy Martin I I don't need a gourmet dinner dish I'll be straight me but Taylor's tomorrow night right in front of you get the guy right all the fantasy she made you stop that's when you'll wind up your your computer go shut down somebody sent a text to the wrong person right that's when it's gonna get crazy tomorrow night straight silhouette I poured the hand it's yeah what's the hit on me see I can't see a project and start shaking not like the Bronco you know the Broncos it's not the hands moving over a little bit all right all right he said I was a teen today almost seven seven detained bracket today's about happy today but happy two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four what is your confidence level in the eagles chance we'll just to scale one to ten before heading into the most important draft I I can't even tell you how long I mean you're you have a Super Bowl talented court records to draft I mean I could afford to miss on a quarterback even though they are very yeah yeah yeah I think you have got the quarterback and you gotta give him credit for that but as far as now building a team around Carson Wentz will get if you don't buy ours from whence was with it I don't know who he was watch North Dakota football man he's good yeah are you vote in seven to ten I care for you we have our vote of seven to ten what about you frets I'm forty six forty one five five nine two ninety four ninety four.

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