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Squirrel. There'd be some schools that have a penis but no boss. cause. Bitter. Balls off the dead Daddy. Did it did happiness about in from ten to twenty five females? Every time one of them have. A little babies, he goes Biton at all the meals. Because he wants competition I don't listen but you gotTa know what you got noticed I. Get it. So this shows me. He can't do physically doing i Washington, do it to all these other guys who told you about for me? They can't beat. Charlie. Campbell. Getting's. Kemba stood. He ate better than them he ain't stolen. Punched them but in his mind he's cut. In their mind killings 'cause my dad has made them. So he to beat them down so low that they had no real fight baking them in the Monday gotta be second to my father works. I can't be that guy. The world, you never seen a getting route award and breeding. Daming now you see some fast giddings because they just fast naturally and but they're not gonNA rule the past because once you cut the ball. He's no more mayor. Dissolves like. I'd be saying. His night nothing personal Nobel care you do what you want to do. But for me I couldn't world champion. If I let my father meet me kidding middle any mostly So I could not stay there and become a getting like I watched them do before me. And expect to be Roy Jones. During that. You know today it just couldn't help. That's a difficult balance with some trainers, right? Because some trainers were fighters and they're tough guys. Yup, and they don't want the other gas past him. Yeah. That's a lot of one of the reasons why a lot of fighters don't make good trainers and that's why a lot of father and son relationships don't work with. The father don't let the sun grew up. In order to stop it from growing up, you got almost tournament to get. Yeah. So he'll go for anything and not fight you. Usually works out in the weird. It's very rare that a father son fight coach. Combination. Works tinkle his dad do a good job. Yeah. Well, his dad is on unusual cat his dad told him. You're GONNA just dance for two years like what they might have been more than two years. There's God gifted yeah. Well, I like a lot like joe cows academia would not gifted these guys never boxed but they may world champions out of the the new they've seen something. They knew what it took to get in there. The fact that he told his son did to take up Ukrainian dancing, and then you look at Loma csangos footwork it's off the charts. So God gave Him a vision before got to with going him. We've way before it happened. He gave me my father saying vision just my father's personality wouldn't allow him to enjoy the fruits of that vision. Did you ever resolve it with your father? No. Never know he's still alive Oh. Yeah. Wow. Yeah you talk at all. No Damn. That's gotta be weird for him knows now we. Stand the lying and I'm like I. Understand. Sons Roy Jones junior yeah. Boxing trainer and your sons, one of the greatest of all time and he doesn't talk to you. That's gotTa fuck with you. Well, he don't talk to you because you don't want to talk to him right. So it's not like he don't he he wouldn't talk to you if you want to talk to him, but you don't want to talk to him. You don't talk to him. He not going to chase you down to talk to you why would. I couldn't me personally as a father I, couldn't I couldn't handle that I couldn't Ed none of my kids why didn't may raise my kids with I was raised? So me all my kids we talk my kids can talk to me about anything I'm I'm like you as a father I couldn't handle that either but sometimes there are sacrifice but sometimes a guy like you has to come out of a situation like that you have to fight your way through the struggle of being dominated by your father to become your own man and then that's one of the reasons why you're such a bad motherfucker if I didn't beat that I never would have made him boxing Shallow Grady's Tim Tam did the one thing that I never could do? As well as their sure has walkaway. I thought God. Had Me destiny great so I had walkway. And Look what I'm GonNa. Indeed. What does it feel like after you ve already you're already all-time Great. You're already hall of Famer and now you're getting back into the ring again like what does that feel? Is it exciting? Is a new feeling. No right now got. I got telling you gotTa go to Roy Jones during RJ feick store. Dot Com to get a shirt like. OXYGEN FIGHTS TO DOT COM to Mr Y'all must've forgotten. Exactly. So it's like for me it's a whole new game. Now you gotTa do a little bit more promoting stuff. You gotta try to do a little bit more media work outcome talk you 'cause you always supported me. You've been wanting it if when people have have known as for being Roy Jones Person I can't you if I would do it. But having Mike, Tyson, fight for us to talk about. What better time to come see your favorite. So the always I've been trying to get him but I say I want to wait until we got something interesting to really talk about. We people you good people. So I wanted something big when I came in now get some. So having this Mike Tyson fight. has its advantages I'll do the timing and all was a disadvantage, but it does have its advantages because now we have a great conversation I be fearing I, listen I appreciate it I'm GonNa talk to you anytime. What is it like though when you see like now holy thinking about coming back he's training hard Oscar de la Hoya who that could be a fight for you to like if you decide to keep going with this someone who's more your size as well yeah. He more my size but. He looked at me like allocate might he's he's to be. Well. He Fox a middleweights ready for Bernard. You see that that's that's what that's fine. The Middle East so yeah. The different than me and they're the different Mike it's like. We look at it. The true fact is that. If you ask people and you can pull it up right now say look at this guy, this guy just got this. At the time. Who Going GonNa get again Mike Tyson again, Roy Jones again. And they'RE GONNA get Roy Jones Again I. Do. So what's crazy stuff? Did that how in the world not only do like basketball game fight met them in, bring him to the ring he got. Radio City Music Hall. Where Jones got so much stuff that he will win to be. Mike Tyson, will be right behind my tax cuts from knockouts. Are Unbelievable You so is that that's the two most. Entertaining guys over the last two decades without question without a question. You said, you learned that move when you put your hands behind your back who knock out when you put your hands behind your now James Toney oh no no no. Kidding you're knocked him out and you said you learn from roosters two. That's right. That's right. Who else learns shape from roosters and just? To me but see, you gotta understand this to leave it more today I'm also gonNA come for movies. Comfortable comfortable tag style cranes dial. ditoto delivered all these different things. So I said. Let me see acne incorporate the roosters in masta. Of Boxing Do you think this is one and done. Did this Tyson fight is one and done? Does it depend on the outcome or you just have to focus on the fight right now and then decide what else is going on afterwards, it really depends on how it goes because. You know I I'm like this man I think Mike is Awesome. Person and Mike has had its ups and downs in the world I mike is really no he he is Mike. Understand me. So you don't know what Mike you get right against him. So in exhibitions you prepare for this, you can prepare for. And know anything can happen Mike. Hit you cut you on purpose in thinking happy you don't know and you try to get back and he may..

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