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Allegations against the former president, D. A. Cyrus Vance has been investigating the Trump Organization for years. But convening the grand jury could mean he's found evidence of a crime. The Washington Post says. Vance is looking Into claims the Trump Organization manipulated property evaluations and compensation packages. Trump is calling this grand jury the continuation of the greatest witch hunt in American history. The lawmakers are still pushing to get to the bottom of the coronavirus origins. Many believe the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, and that American health agencies gave researchers money that was used to make Corona virus is more deadly for study purposes. But many health experts say it's more likely that the virus came from an animal such as a bat. Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton was one of the first opposed the lab theory over a year ago. Virus probably came from those labs. I mean, originally just a few blocks down the road from them in a city larger than New York, not exactly known for its large bat population. But because the media doesn't like my politics and because President Trump said the same thing. The media lied in this spun and they covered up for the Chinese Communist Party. In effect, we'll both the Republicans and the lead US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci, says the investigations and DeKoven 19 origin should continue. Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that prevents Texas cities from banning natural gas. Abbott took to Twitter, saying liberal cities are denying people the choice on how they want to power their homes. Texans have the full choice about how they want to power their moms, including towards the natural gas house fell. 17 was signed by the governor yesterday and goes into law effective immediately. He adds that the city of Austin has tried to limit its residents to natural gas resource is Democrats are trying to pass legislation to increase voter access about a Senate filibuster stands in its way. Republican Congressman Chip Roy of the San Antonio area, says his party needs to grow a spine and opposed the expansion of mail in ballots. Republicans claim that the so called for the People Act would make it easier to vote but also easier to cheat. If passed, would allow states to automatically send voters of ballot based on voter rolls, which the GOP points out are inaccurate. It also would wipe out voter I d. The head of Homeland Security, says he wants to see changes in immigration and customs enforcement. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro New York has said his agency is reviewing ice and its priorities and he wants to make significant changes. In Washington Post interview. Mayorkas said he wants ice to focus on public safety, but when it comes to change, he wasn't specific. He said. What those changes will be I am wrestling with right now. That compass is there's been a drastic reduction in the number of illegal immigrants. Isis arrested recently, the Biden administration put out guidelines on who should be arrested, saying Agent should target recent border crossers and national security threats. Last month, Border Patrol saw 178,000 encounters compared to just 17,000 in April of 2020. San Antonio police. A teenager was shot several times in a group drove up and opened fire with rifles at home on Hardisty near less hairs and drive on the far northwest side. Late last night, more than 40 rounds were recovered at the scene. Six people were inside the home of the time ranging in age from a toddler to someone in their thirties. The teenage boy was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. Police are investigating but have no suspects. All Senator Rand Paul's blaming social media for a threat that was made against him a suspicious package containing a white powder in an envelope with a threat arrived at Senator Paul's Kentucky home Monday. Paul says Twitter allowing C list celebrities to encourage violence against him and his family led to the threat. Earlier this week, 19 eighties pop star Richard Marx tweeted that if he ever met the senator's neighbor who broke his ribs in a 2017 property dispute. Marks would hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume All Florida ST. John's County School board is taking action after a yearbook controversy that made National news dozens of girls at Bartram Trail High School at their yearbook photos altered without their permission in order to cover up cleavage. School board yesterday announced it would form a committee to review the dress code.

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