20 dead as bombs target Sunday Mass in Philippine cathedral


NewsRadio WFL, a it's nine. Oh, two. News service of David Graham, the retirement guy, the government shutdown has ended, but the paychecks have not come yet for federal workers went more than a month without income so places like Tampa international airport continued to help their federal employees for the past couple of weeks federal employees who work at Tampa international airport have stopped by a temporary assistance center. We are seeing up steady stream of workers that are coming in and asking for bus pass it asking for help whatever utility or their electric bills and needing food and toiletries papers and things like that and the airports Emily nips says that center will remain open this week through Friday, even with an end to the government shutdown because it takes a while for those employees to get paid and get back on their feet. Nips says some passengers have expressed concerns about security during the shutdown, but she says Tampa international always continue to operate as normal during the past month. Sharon, Parker, NewsRadio WFL a tab. Police report eleven arrest including five felonies during yesterday's Gasparilla parade activities to arrest came for felony criminal mischief after two guys stood atop Tampa, police vehicle and damaged it. Overall, though police chief Brian Dugan called the crowd. Well behaved the winter conference of mayors happened this week in Washington, Saint Petersburg's mayor recruitment says this year's event took on more significance because he says cities don't get help from higher up the real innovation leadership that's happening in our country isn't happening at the top levels, not happening in Washington oftentimes isn't happening in our state capitals. It's happening in our city halls all around this country and cities are the ones that are leading this year the conference focused on how to help the people of their cities to get through the government shutdown and back on track. Now that the shutdown has ended. They don't call them the killer yet, but deputies in Seminole county have a man in custody. They call a person of interest in Friday's triple homicide chew Liotta north of Orlando. They found twenty nine year old grant Amato at a motel and orange. County yesterday. They

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