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CBS news see likely never looked like the women on the boxes of makeup and hair color. CVS wants you to know they don't all look like that in real life. The drugstore chain is marking photos of models in the beauty. I'll to let you know when they've been digitally altered. Deborah rodriguez. CBS news. Alleged sibling murder. I'm sippy Burkey. That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty a twenty seven year old woman allegedly attacked by her younger brother during a family fight last week has died of her injuries. And he scheduled to face a murder charge today. Officers were called to a medical emergency Escondido last Friday at one AM and found Laura about Teesta a mother of three in critical condition. Her brother Jose Bautista is being held without bail. A ninth grader at Sweetwater high school was taken into custody yesterday after another student noticed he had a pellet gun school officials heightened security on the campus. Well with authorities investigated San Diego State university officials

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