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The nation is going to be in law in this state. And that's the way it should think about that women's equality platform at least half and statistically a little bit more than half of of these hundreds of thousands of nationally millions of children who will lose their lives are female. How is that women's equality equal opportunity destroyer, but he has to know as a smart guy. He has to know that what he's saying is is bizarre to the point of of really almost being demonic. This is so extreme where does it go from here for the Democratic Party? Love your thought on that Dominic in Longmont, Colorado. You're on the Dan Caplis show. Welcome. Hey there how you doing? Today, this subject just mad as hell. Yeah. I'm sure you are. I heard a really interesting take on this debate. That was unlike any of the other arguments that I've heard in the past, and it was really really interesting way to look at it. Can I give you a hypothetical situation? Yes. All right. One hundred years in the future. And we've developed a piece of technology that allows you to use your own body as a stand in for someone else's body to keep them alive like a life support machine. Basically your body stands in for all of the functions. The bear body would do and it prevents them from dying. If they're in some kind of horrible accident that makes sense kind of. May I ask how long this pathetic goes on not not okay? Okay. That.

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