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I ask comedy and Hollywood lost Bob Einstein this week and most people know him a super, Dave Osborne. I thought he was so hilarious in everything that he did. And so unique, and I've gotta think your past cross often. They're in the LA comedy. Sweep guy, Bob, and I just saw clip of him getting thrown through the backboard basketball. By the catapult, which may be loud. So hard. Listen, I don't know. What was in the goulash over there at the at the Albert Brooks is house growing up that must have been that must have made the outgun Quin table. Look like a Trappist monastery I fly on the wall to hear those brothers in whichever of their parents made them. That's funny that bright perceptive. And that's sweet I would have been a joy to be there. And he'll be missed. What are unique take on comedy? Well, not everybody knows you mentioned over prison. I've ever knows that they were brothers. And and by the way, that means I mean, isn't it possible the funniest guy there is the dad who named his son Albert Einstein? I. Listen to mighty short has funny stories to from his dining table. But I even think Marty would say that as far as a collective approach. You're right. When the Potter and says, I'm going to name like Albert, I guess what he

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