Bernie Sanders says he was unaware of sexual harassment during 2016 campaign

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Four billion this quarter. But in a letter to shareholders on Wednesday evening, the company said it expects revenue to be down to eighty four billion apple pointed to China crucial market for the tech giant apple said, lower iphone sales trade tensions between China and the US and China slowing economy have all played a role in the company's revenue slowdown apples downbeat forecast. Reverberated on Wall Street dragging down the Dow Jones industrial. Average jasmine guard NPR news New York that has that composite index fell two hundred two points Thursday. The Dow Jones industrials plunged six hundred sixty points on Japanese markets shares tumbled as reopened for two thousand nineteen ball. Other Asian indexes are mixed up more than one percent in Shanghai. And Hong Kong. This is NPR news. Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia are seeking the death penalty for five of eleven suspects linked to the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi the five or charged with ordering and committing the crime could show Jay was close to the Saudi Royal circles before becoming a critic of prince Muhammad and moving to the United States. He was killed last October at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Were officials had initially denied he was dead the show. Jeez body still has not been found. A woman has managed to enter a Hindu temple at the heart of a debate over gender equality in India that brings to three the number of women who is reportedly sneaked into the facility this week. As Lauren rare reports from him by the temple has long banned women between the ages of ten and fifty according to ancient tradition the submarine Mullah. Temple does not admit women old enough to menstruate the temples dedicated to a celebrate deity last year, India's Supreme Court ruled that amounts to gender discrimination. It ordered the temple to admit women of all ages, but Hindu faithful rebelled blocking roads to the temple. And checking cars for anyone female this week to women in their forties managed to get in. Now. A third woman reportedly from Sri Lanka has also entered the shrine the southern state of Carola has a ruptured into protests over this both of India's two main political parties say they support the protesters rather than the women Lauren fryer, NPR news, Mumbai and women's college basketball, a regular season winning streak is ended for top ranked uconn number eight Baylor beat the huskies sixty eight to fifty seven.

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