San Antonio, President Trump And Senator Jim Webb discussed on Charlie Parker


For a successor for Defense Secretary James Mattis, the name of former. Democratic Senator Jim Webb is risen to the top of the pile over a far more hawkish Republicans. What was known as an outspoken opponent of US military action in the Middle East, and he'd be more in line with President Trump on that issue. He was supposed to be fixing ATM's. But instead one San Antonio man was pocketing twenty dollar bills one at a time. A lot of them in total Joseph viscous, stole more than one million dollars. His company services ATM machines at places like corner stores, but an audit by the Bank came up short. That's what triggered the federal investigation. This week the fifty four year old pleading guilty in federal court to embezzlement. He now faces three decades in prison. What's amazing is he's broke the federal investigators have no idea how he blew through more than one million dollars. Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w why city of San Antonio proposing a multimillion dollar plan to create more affordable housing, but one key Texas real estate. Economists says the city. Can see a real problem? Right. Lynn the mirror. Dr Mark dots. Our the former chief economist with the real estate center at Texas AM told the San Antonio boarder realtors annual housing forecast that rising housing prices are caused by one thing dwindling supply and the supply of homes is dwindling for one major reason regulatory

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