Vice President, President Trump And Donald discussed on John McCulloch


Well, you could hear the vice president congratulated congratulating Pearson cinema. The democrat from Arizona. Openly by sexual address in feminine, attire and shaking, the vice president's hand who said to her, and you can't hear it as well as I'd like, but he's saying to her that, this is an awesome responsibility. And it's humbling. I guess she didn't disagree with that eight hundred nine to three or he eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK, but you can see and hear that. It's a different kind of day for the one hundred sixteenth congress of the United States back to the phone lines. We go let's speak with Donald and warned about President Trump. Donald thanks for calling. I doing there. Okay. Thanks. You know, what I think we need to focus on just a little bit more. The president is the size of the wall was one of the biggest things, you know, that he got elected for

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