G20: Trump meets with Xi at bilateral dinner; Saudi Crown Prince welcomed by Putin


Talking about the global economy security so much more increased tensions. So definitely stoked by the US, specifically president Donald Trump's trade war. So let's get into this with our own Alex, Wayne, he is White House team leader joining us from the nation's capital, Alex. I think we all know what we're all waiting for is that dinner between trial and Chinese president Xi Jinping on the weekend. So tell me kind of where we are based on the kind of the news flow so far. He's got a couple of meetings with leaders, including dodge tina's, Argentina's, president Japan's Prime Minister any sign of this this NAFTA rewrite the deal he calls the US Mexico Canada agreement. The U S M. A pass congress. Right. I mean, that's one of the issues that seems to be coming to the fore. Now, he signed it he touted. But there's still a ways to go here. Right. Sure is. Yeah. And it's not even gonna get to congress until Democrats take over the house. Right. So I would not I would not bet a lot of money that the US MCI becomes an effective treaty. So what are the things we wanted to make sure we asked you about Alex says, you know, we we've seen a kind of the Tableau of the world leaders all getting together and seeing each other. They have you know, what they affectionately call the family photo where everybody gets together. But the lead into that was if I was sitting around my kitchen table at home, my kids would be looking at it and saying awkward. What was going on down there? You know for for once Trump wasn't the most isolated guy. One of these one of these summits. I don't know if you saw Mohammed bin Salman he was sitting by himself. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, right? And then and then Putin and admit NBS had this weird high five handshake thing, you know, to two guys alleged of murdering their screen each other admitted national summit. Trump seems to be so far getting along. Okay. With people. He hasn't. He hasn't issued a tweet and salting the host nation like you did before you ride and Franceschi weeks ago. Right. So we'll see how it goes. I, you know, like, he says we'll see we'll see what happens and part of it obviously has to do with what he says on the way out. I mean, I think back to the g seven in Canada. If I remember that. Typically, the communique

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