Are the Dare Stones Forgeries or the Key to the Roanoke Mystery?



Today's episode was brought to you by the new Capital One saver card with which you can earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. That means four percent on checking out that new restaurant everyone's talking about and four percent on watching your team win at home. You'll also earn two percent cashback at grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. Now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet? Welcome to brain stuff from how stuff works. Hey, brain stuff. Lauren Bogle bond here. An unsolved mystery can drive people crazy and the fate of the first English settlers ever to establish a colony in the new world ruin oak is a puzzle that will probably never be entirely solved. But it doesn't keep people from trying in July. Fifteen eighty seven a ship carrying ninety men. Seventeen women and eleven children landed on Roanoke island on the Outer Banks of modern day North Carolina a year before when these site was discovered. Fifteen men had volunteered to stay and hold down the proverbial fort, but they were nowhere to be found. So the one hundred and eighteen colonists disembarked and said about carbon colony out of the wilderness. There's much excitement when Eleanor dare the daughter of leader John White gave birth to the first English baby. Born in the new world and named her Virginia after time John White left, the settlers to return to England telling them he'd be back within the year with fresh supplies. However, England's war with Spain slowed the process considerably, and nobody was able to check on the settlement again. Until fifteen ninety when white returned his daughter granddaughter and everyone else was gone. They had dismantled the buildings carved the word Kroto in into a tree. The name of the friendly native American tribe on a nearby island and vanished. There was no sign of the cross white had told them to carve on a tree if they had left under duress. A frankly white didn't look very hard for his daughter and granddaughter before heading back to England for centuries. The story of the lost colony of Roanoke seemed pretty cut and dried to most historians. The settlers went to live with a Kroto and tribe. Whether they stayed there not nobody could say the thing they could say is that no definitive sign of any of the one hundred eighteen colonists was ever found despite rumors in the later established Jamestown colony of massacres and men wearing European clothes deep in the wilderness. No definitive sign that is until more than three centuries later when in nineteen thirty seven a produce dealer from California named L E Helmand showed up at Emory University in Atlanta with a stone. He found while hunting hickory nuts and recently cleared, North Carolina swamp, some fifty miles or eighty kilometers inland of Roanoke island. It was inscribed with a message. He wanted the experts at Emory to decipher turns out, the carved stone told story allegedly written by whites daughter Eleanor. The colonists. Endured two years of only misery and war after her father left for England ending with half. The settlers killed in armed combat and many of the others, including eleanor's husband daughter, slaughtered when a spiritual leader of the tribe. They lived with warned that the presence of the English. Settlers was angering the spirits, according to the stone only six men and one woman escaped. The stone was found to be offended by the experts at the time. It seems legitimate and better still it satisfied. Everyone's thirst foreclosure around to this dusty old riddle the story captured the imagination of the entire country and Emory professor Haywood J Pearce junior published a paper describing the stone in the refutable journal of southern history in nineteen thirty eight. But soon the plausibility of the stone came into question, we spoke with John Bence archivist at the rose library at Emory University. He said Emory became suspicious of Hammond after some professors and administrators traveled with him to Eden to North Carolina where he found the stone. The search for the original location of the stone was fruitless this attitude. The growing list of details about Hammond's discovery that we're hard to corroborate Emory had someone in California look into Hammond, but couldn't find much more than an address after Pierce and his father another academic paid him. And for the first stone and offered a five hundred dollar reward for any additional stones people might find. You can imagine. How many dare stones came out of the woodwork the pierces paid a man named Bill Eberhardt a stonecutter from Fulton County Georgia two thousand dollars for forty two forgeries. He brought them these stones had Eleanor marrying a Cherokee chief giving birth to another daughter named Agnes and eventually dying in a cave in Georgia. In April of nineteen forty one these Saturday Evening Post ran an expose on. The dare stones dismissing them all as forgeries citing an acronym. Stick language, and consistency of spelling that was unheard of at the time the Pierce's career suffered and the dare stones were stuffed in a basement at the father's university an embarrassment to everyone involved, but every so often academic interest turns again to the show on Riverstone. The original dare stone found by him. And in that North Carolina swamp, it's made of different rock than the others. A bright white quartzite interior and dark exterior that would have made a good choice for Eleanor dares missive to her father and in the nineteen thirties. The patina on the stone would have been difficult to chemically replicate. In addition. It doesn't contain the anachronistic language of the other stones some experts have determined. The only problem might be an Eleanor dares. Sign off the initials e WD, which would not have been typical signature in these sixth century. Many experts still dismissed the town Riverstone as an obvious phony. But it's possible that new research into Lisbeth in a pig Raphy chemical analysis and other rocket scriptures of the time period. Will yet shed light on the still unsolved mystery? Today. Episodes written by Jesulin shields and produced by Tyler claim for more on this and lots of other mysterious topics. Visit our home planet. How step works dot com. Hey Breen stuff listeners instead of an ad today. I wanted to tell you about new podcast. I think you might dig for my friends, Robert lamb, and Joe McCormack, you might already know them from the weird science podcast stuff to blow your mind. 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