Is Trump stepping back from his hard-line of shutting the government down?


Time Michael Flynn opted to waiting until next year for his punishment. After a judge said he could not guarantee Flynn would not face. At least some time in prison finest pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador. The former national security adviser is given prosecutors full cooperation which edge. Emmett Sullivan warned he was not bound by the special counsel recommendation, Matt Flynn, serve little or no prison. The judge said Flynn had misled federal agents from inside his office inside the west wing of the White House. A very serious matter. The judge added Flynn's lawyer said he might still be called to testify in a case against to his former business associates charged with. Acting as agents of Turkey, they opted to wait until that case ends to hear Flynn sentence. Carrie Johnson NPR news, Washington. Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey is appointing Republican Martha mcsally to be that states. New Senator filling the vacancy created by the death of John McCain in August just last month. Sally narrowly lost the race. For owners other Senate seat democrat Kirsten cinema today. Mick Sally cechini tends to work with her colleague, we had a very spirited campaign. But it's over. I congratulated her on the phone the night. I conceded an in person on the floor, and I look forward to working with her in the future. Mcsally also appears to have reconciled to some degree with McCain's widow, Cindy, McCain McCain's families, reportedly furious MC Sally, followed President Trump's lead. And did not mention McCain's named at the signing of a defense. Bill just before his death, builders, breaking grammar more homes last month, virtually all that increased building was in the apartment sector. The Commerce Department reports construction of new single family homes actually fell last month. Overall housing construction was up three point two. Percent from the previous month after a Volvo session on Wall Street, stocks edged up modestly the Dow gained eighty two points. The NASDAQ was up thirty points, the SNP closed up a fraction this is NPR. And you're listening to WNYC in New York

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