News in Brief 27 December 2018

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations in the run up to the general elections in Bangladesh set to take place on Sunday. The UN secretary general has called on stakeholders to help ensure a peaceful credible and inclusive poll in a statement from his office. Antonio Gutierrez said that a successful election would require an environment free of violence intimidation and coercion before during and after Bangladeshi citizens go to the polls with tension rising between the governing party known as the Awami League and opposition alliances. Pre election violence has left dozens injured and news reports suggest that six have died in clashes all Bangladeshi citizens, including minorities and women must feel safe and confident in exercising. Their right to vote said the UN chief while civil society and electoral observers should be fully supported to play their role in the process. He underscored the UN's continued commitment to support a peaceful and democratic Bangladesh. The U N World food program is working to assess the needs of people affected by the deadly soon. Nami that struck the coastline of Indonesia's soon district region on the twenty second of December working with the ministry of social affairs. The agency is preparing to deploy staff to gauge what's needed for the nearly twenty seven thousand displaced and more than one thousand injured the UN's humanitarian wing OSHA reports that as of Thursday, four hundred thirty people are dead and another one hundred twenty five or reportedly missing, according to the Indonesian national disaster management agency BNP be some one thousand houses are damaged or destroyed along with sixty nine villas more than four hundred boats and sixty five vehicles thousands of personnel from NGOs have joined the Indonesian government led response leading evacuations search and rescue operations and providing medical services and supplies, including food, water, sanitation, tarpaulins and blankets and the. The World Health Organization WHO has strongly condemned an armed attack in ALgeria hospital in Libya's second largest city of Benghazi which took place on Christmas day. Although nobody was reportedly killed WHO said that there had been panic among patients and health workers inside the hospital and damage to building infrastructure, the trauma, hospitals already struggling with resources and suffering a lack of medical supplies, which are being stretched to meet the needs of people across eastern Libya. WHO warned that repeated attacks could lead to the closure of the hospital causing further suffering and deprivation for patients such tragedies should be avoided by taking all necessary precautionary measures, they gency declared and perpetrators must be brought to Justice Natalie Hutchinson. UN news.

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