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Say there are a disturbingly low number of western monarch butterflies migrate along the California. Coast a recent count by the search see society recorded fewer than thirty thousand butterflies and said that's an eighty six percent decline since two thousand seventeen by comparison. The group in nineteen Eighty-one counted more than a million western monarchs wintering in California. The San Francisco Chronicle reported the Cirque see society, wasn't sure what caused the numbers to drop. It said there's no substantial evidence of a delayed migration and butterflies are not being reported and other parts of the country 2017 study by Washington state university. Researchers found the species likely will extinct in the next few decades. If nothing is done to save it one new movie sneaks into the top five but aquaman remains number one. In the nation's theaters AP's, Ben Thomas has a look at the weekend box office results. Leader. But the global box office would disagree three weeks into its North American. Run aquaman has added another thirty million dollars to its totals while worldwide earnings have topped nine hundred forty million exactly why you are making it the highest grossing film ever in the DC comics extended universe. In second this week.

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