Trump administration claims tax refunds will still go out


Hear ExxonMobil's bid to block attorney general Maura Healey's investigation. She's looking into whether the company misled investors and consumers about what it knew about the link between fossil fuels and climate change summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader could happen early this year in apparent preparation for that Kim Jong on making. A four day trip to China CBS's, Ben Tracy from Beijing North Korean leader, Kim Jong moon has now arrived here in Beijing for what appears to be a multi day. Visit he is expected to meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping in this will be the fourth meeting between these two leaders in just the past year. Now, we are told that Kim Jong moon has brought with him his wife resold Jew as well. As Kim Yang Chow who is one of his top diplomats. Now, that's significant because Kim Yong tool has been the point person for discussions with United States. And we're South Korea Washington is still pressing the north to come up with a detailed accounting of its nuclear arsenal. And so far that has not happened. Twelve hundred fish twelve hundred fifteen national grid workers okayed a new contract today ending their lockout that began in June. They'll return to work in a couple of weeks, although we won't have to attend the next Nantucket court date and Kevin Spacey's cases March fourth Spacey in court today for a brief appearance. A not guilty plea entered on the disgraced actors behalf to charges of groping an eighteen year old boss boy in a bar in two thousand sixteen. Geno.

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