Empty lands in Myanmar await Rohingya return: UNDP director

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This is an academy with you and news since late August two thousand seventeen more than seven hundred and twenty-five thousand mainly Muslim Ruina have left racking state across the border into southern Bangladesh fling, widespread and systematic ethnic violence, but they left behind it home a vest land not being cultivated with an estimated seventy percent reduction in agriculture production. Just in Mondo district alone said the UN development programs regional director for Asia indices, Fiqh, how young shoe in a recent interview with you and use U N D P and UN refugee agency UNHCR are working inside me. And mar developing community projects that aim to improve livelihoods in Bill trust, Mr. shoe sat down with leading one of our Chinese service, noting that many of the communities from different ethnic or religious backgrounds now, depending on humanitarian assistance used to leave side-by-side hinder pollution in. That is a Muslim minority who predominantly live in northern part of kind. I think they have faced the structural discrimination over many years, and that has resulted in the prosecution of this population and violation of their rights for quite some time. Who I there are many reasons one is the competition for resources in that part of the country because we're kind state is warm. The post the second the poster state ING, mama. So the fact is that both the Muslim population. Right. The Rangers and the Buddhist population the predominantly rookie. They post living report, conditions and avert in many villages of both communities and the conditions are report. So there's also fear of losing the homeland to speak by the time people because they see Hingis as some people from outside their country, which is not the case, you have just come. Included a visit to the northern part of the rock kind state, which is the epicenter of the violence since August last year. So what did you see there to the Mondo district, and what struck you most is the kind of emptiness whereas learned in large trucks of learned not being used for cultivation and the talk to local the mistreatment or he told me that district used to her eight hundred thousand people five hundred son have left, so they have three hundred thousand people left of which two hundred thousand belong to the Muslim community, the Rangers, and the one hundred thousand people not belong to reckons and other minority groups so vast amount of land is not being used and I estimated after talking to a few officials agricultural production is down seventy to seventy five percent, which translates into two hundred three hundred thousand tonnes of ROY. Not being produced every rice planting season. So this is what struck very quickly, and the tells me that the community that used to coexist together in this location as the kind of could dependence between them has now been broken, but went community depended on the other community, you know, for survivor and the for relative prosperity, I visited many communities in this trip communities used to live side-by-side mixed the communities now, most of the the Muslim comments have left. Some still remain and against trucks, you quite a lot because they used to live in peace in hominy Ideo talk to any of the remaining Rohingya community, UCLA ATar definitely made them talk to them. And they certainly know talk about the pastor where the cou- existed was the rain puts the communities in harmony peace the kind they typically tended to. Specialize in activties setup stream such as you know, treating the Muslim communities typically, right? They are known to be good farmers fishermen and so forth. Right. So the used the to actually lease the land that the kinds use okay for production. Whereas in the leukotrienes will Cain economically by letting the Muslim community using their land. And so since most of the Muslim communities have left, and you have a situation where a large number of fields just in abandoned at this time. Right. So they see the consequences that or communities could be self sufficient and didn't require any external support now have to rely on food aid and military assistance. So that's why I think it is in everybody's interest for refugees to return to me, but in conditions of on voluntary safe and dignified written, but. In everybody's interest for them to

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